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Zamaera Recommends: The Songs That Make Zamaera The Rapper She Is Today!

People generally believe that the type of music an artist produces is synonymous to the music they listen to. However, Zamaera is proving all of us wrong with the many songs she has recommended to us that stretches across many genres!

We sat down with Zamaera as she spilled the beans on what her favourite songs are and why she loves them.

Many of her favourite songs hold a dear place in her heart as they were songs she listened to in her childhood.

Wanna learn a little bit more about Zamaera? Watch the video!

Check out the full playlist of her favourites on our Spotify!

Just a month ago, Zamaera released her debut mixtape, Don’t Zz On Me, which features her original take of popular rap songs accompanied by her own lyrics, so be sure to check her out!

(Source: Good Vibes Festival Twitter)
(Source: Good Vibes Festival Twitter)

As a rising star in the Malaysian rap scene, she will be performing at Good Vibes this weekend, so be sure to catch her set if you’re looking for a good time and good music!

To keep up with Zamaera, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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