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Kre8tif!: Here to Spark Innovation and Creation

From the days of Hikayat Sang Kancil, the animation industry of Malaysia has grown tremendously, stretching far into the global market. Looking into the heart of Putrajaya, a creative and animation hub is found, booming with animators and storytellers. Yet, despite its colossal presence, little is known about the industry, let alone how to make your mark on it.

Recognizing the need to develop and groom the talented and creative hoping to be in the industry, Kre8tif!, a creative conference and content festival by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), was formed. Coming in its 7th edition, the conference, taking place from the 6th to the 9th of August, will feature sharing sessions for passionate practitioners along with a gathering of the leading minds in the animation world.

(Source: Eventbrite
(Source: Eventbrite

Taking place in Cyberjaya, this year’s theme is “Kre8 Innov8”, an invitation to the creative industry to think larger and to facilitate unconventional and ground-breaking ideas to drive the industry into the bright future it has.

The line-up throughout the course of the 3 days will feature various activities, suitable for everyone and anyone interested, such as an exhibition, a business exchange and a conference!

To kickstart the event, a Kre8tif! Costume fun-run will be held a day prior, on the 5th of August, to gather the community to dress as any Malaysian animated character in appreciation of them as well as highlight local icons within the animated universe. Mascots such as Didi and Friends, Chichi Cacha, Ejen Ali Chuck and so many more.

Taking place from the 6th to the 7th of August, the Kre8tif! Xhibition will mark the official start of the event. If you’re looking to be inspired or awed, this exhibition is the place to go as it will showcase an array of products from local and international creative and technology companies.

In an age of endless possibilities and technology, the industry is looking harder than ever for creative talents to bring innovation and charge the industry into a brighter future. A job fair will be held at the exhibition for this very purpose, inviting all creatives, young and old, to be apart of the industry.

Taking place concurrently, the Kre8tif! Business Xchange presents an opportunity to anyone that has an idea they want to show the world. Pitching and business matching sessions will be held with a multitude of regional and international buyers, coming from places far and wide to see and listen to your projects and ideas. It is a networking and value creation platform for all artists and businesses to grow and expand.

Tickets are on sale until the 31st of July for the price of RM750 for a package of the conference and the Business Xchange, a small price to pay for the potential to show your work to the world, or have your company be known to the world.

Following the Business Xchange will be the Kre8tif! Conference which will be taking place from the 8th until the 9th of July. Providing insight to the key to success as well as the ins and outs of the game are a total of 30 innovative and passionate international and celebrity speakers who are at the top of their game. Tickets will be sold for the price of RM650 for an opportunity to learn as much as you can from the best of the best.

Some of them include Malaysia’s very own Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, a film producer and managing director from Enfiniti Vision Media, that is breaking boundaries through the introduction of technology into theatre, transforming it as a whole, Christopher Bremble, the founder and CEO of Base FX, the three-time Emmy Award-winning visual effects and animation company, and Hidehiko Kitajima, the president and Ceo of OLM Asia Sdn Bhd, the animation house behind the deeply loved Pokemon.

Beyond the realm of the art of animation, one can expect to learn the technicalities and the administrative rigs of the industry from homegrown and international speakers.

Throughout all 3 days, there will be the Kre8tif! Entertainment Xperience, there, free of charge, to satisfy your curiosity. It will connect the event-goers directly to the world of animation by giving them a taste of various fascinating and mind-boggling creative technologies through demonstrations along with screenings of diverse animation and visual effects (VFX) content.CMF18_CMF-TICKETING-POSTER-DOOR

Going out with a bang, the event will end on a festive and musical note. The Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival (CMF), taking place on the 11th to 12th of August, by Kre8tif! is a celebration of music, fun and art!

Featuring an amazing line-up of local artists, merchandise booths, workshops, movie screenings and so much more to look forward to, all packed into a weekend you don’t want to miss.

Beyond animation, a new line of toys by Malaysian toy-makers will be announced during Kre8tif! as well. With Malaysian contemporary toys rarely announced and known of, this makes the event all the more exciting.

MDEC, the pioneers of the annual conference, is an agency under the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia with the mandate to develop the creative industry of the nation. Pledging themselves to the creative world, their #animationMY platform hopes to inspire innovation as well as explore the major trends in the creative realm, pushing beyond its limits.

The vice president of Creative Content of MDEC, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin

The vice president of Creative Content of MDEC, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin implores anyone that is interested to attend and expand your horizon. An event fit for the young and the old, as Kre8tif! is the embodiment of how there are endless things to learn. “[Kre8tif!] wants to showcase local talents and help the old understand with the help of the new” says Hasnul Hadi Samsudin.

Yet, Kre8tif!, despite having grown tremendously, is still in its “primordial state” according to Hasnul Hadi Samsudin. Having the potential to grow so much more, he hopes that it can with the continuous support from not just the creative industry but the public.

A company rooted in technology, they hope to build Malaysia’s digital future through the cultural and artistic impact that the creative industry will leave.

Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina is aiding them in their pursuit through her incorporation of technology in the unlikeliest of fields, Performing Arts. Perceiving them to always be the last to jump on the technology bandwagon, she took the initiative to push the performing arts to take a multidisciplinary approach through the converge of arts and technology.

Culminating in awe-instilling OlaBola The Musical which took many months of collaborating traditionalists with animators. Though initially doubted as many believe that the performing arts should stay the way that it is, pure and traditional, and by incorporating technology, she is tainting it.

Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina

However, she believes it to be growth, that technology is here to enhance the performing arts experience, not take over it. This is only the start for what is to be a bright future of a league of performing arts.

Once an attendee of Kre8tif!, she is now a speaker. As she speaks from her experience, she is convinced that this conference is a learning experience like none other. “[It is] a creative collision,” she says, remarking on the many possibilities found among the people and the activities.

With the government aid of RM 2.7 million granted for the purchase of creative content and the development of the animation industry, the creative industry is blossoming. However, for the country to flourish in the arts, we must go beyond just funding and act. Opportunities must be present for students to hone their skills, including introducing animation courses into universities and affordable workshops.

However, with Kre8tif!, the industry knows that its on the right track. It is doing more than just presenting opportunities, it is also destroying the stigma surrounding the arts. It is proving that industry and all its works are valuable, teaching us that we must be supportive of each individual’s pursuit of the technological arts.

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Featured Image Source: Official Kre8tif! Website


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