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CMF18: 4 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss It!

To the average city goer, Cyberjaya may not seem to hold much beyond its glut of tech spaces and development firms. However, this year’s edition of the Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival, or CMF18 (previously known as the Cyberjaya Music Festival) might prove yet again that the town is indeed capable of appealing to a more artistic crowd in its second instalment. Taking place on the 11th and 12th of August at Centrus Mall, the weekend festival boasts an ambitious mix of lineups aiming to ignite a creative burst in entrepreneurs, technologists and artists alike.

Even if you’re not a budding creative, the festival is host to a variety of events that might intrigue you into spending at least a little bit of your weekend on this side of town.


1. Gain insights from industry leaders

The festival begins with a DIY Creative Economy themed conference, hosted by the Cyberjaya Creative Community Conference (Four-C, also a play on the word Foresee). Featuring an experienced panel of industry leaders and creative entrepreneurs, the platform focuses on empowering grassroots by guiding and nurturing local creatives. This year’s lineup of speakers include accomplished entrepreneurs such as writer and actor Anas Abdul Aziz (Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Animonsta Studios), DIY enthusiast Johnson Lam (Founder of Kaki DIY) and writer Junad M. Nor (Co-Founder of Studio Canpakes). Joining the panel is also Zul Luey (Founder and Creative Director of Luey Motion Lab), multidisciplinary artist Nawwar Shukriah Ali, also known as Bono Stellar, (Founder of Make It Happen), Zulamran Hilmi (Visual Artist and Co-Founder of Botanic Records) and artist Takahara Suiko (lead singer of The Venopian Solitude).

Whether you’re an avid follower or complete newcomer to the Malaysian entrepreneurial landscape, this conference will give you insights to the industry you’d be unlikely to find anywhere else.

Bono Stellar with one of her art installations
Bono Stellar with one of her art installations
Takahara Suiko
Takahara Suiko

2. Rock out to local indie music

The festival’s music scene presents itself as an eccentric cocktail of booming rock, melodious beats and addictive sounds of all genres.

Day 1 of the festival fronts psychedelic rock quintet Ramayan and R&B artist NJWA, who will be performing the eclectic neo-soul tunes off her new EP. Rock n’ roll fans can also look forward to rejoicing the return of Bittersweet, Ipoh’s rock band, finally back in the spotlight after a year-long hiatus. Joining them on stage will also be the eccentric rock tunes of Iqbal M., Sarawakian R&B artist Sasha Ningkan, Payola Records’ indie group Skits and Johorean sibling synth pop duo Juno and Hanna.

“Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival is a much needed platform for the community in South Selangor to celebrate creative confidence and innovation as a culture,” Dr Johan Kamal Hamidon, CEO of Selangor Youth Community says

If none seem to suit your music tastes just yet, look forward to Day 2 of the festival’s fresh array of infectious beats audiences will grow to love, which even include cover performances of cartoon theme songs. Expect the rich sounds of local indie bands like The Fridays, Jaggfuzzbeats, Milo Dinosaur, P-RM, Senja, Maddame and Keledexx, who will entice crowds with their own renditions of ‘Keluang Man’ and ‘Abang Sidi’, alongside their original sets.


3. Watch celebrated local animations

If you’re a lover of cartoons, the festival’s screenings of various acclaimed animations is one event you’re going to want to be a part of. As a collaboration with MDEC’s Kre8tif! Content Festival, the weekend will feature a few of Cyberjaya’s very own animation icons in a series of outdoor screening events at the open air circular amphitheater of Centrus Mall. These include animated film Konsert Hora Horey Didi and Friends as well as animated TV series like Omar & Hana, Boboiboy, Ejen Ali, Chuck Chicken and Harry and Bunnie. For a more personal and interactive experience, fans can also expect to participate in various meet and greet sessions with characters.


4. Join interactive workshops and exhibitions

To add to the whole slew of events lined up, the festival will be home to a variety of workshops and exhibitions promising an interactive experience to all those participating. Expect technology installations by the 4.0 tech community MyEdTech and a diverse collection of DIY workshops along with a creative marketplace, hosted by the Cyberjaya Zine & DIY Festival.

Fairuz Sulaiman and Soundscape Records will also be collaborating to present Electric Dreams, an audio-visual showcase of local and innovative analog-digital acts. Also joining the array of exhibitions is an augmented reality enabled photography and video showcase, hosted by official photographer of 2017’s festival, Khalil Makata along with other local photographers and videographers. For those keen on an even more engaging experience, look out for ARIeta’s one-of-a-kind augmented reality treasure hunt.

If you consider yourself to be a music enthusiast and want to know more about how the industry works, be sure to check out Make It Happen’s music exhibition, which showcases the creative process behind the production of albums, album artwork, music videos and live shows. And if you’d like to get yourself a souvenir or odd relic, head over to the kooky and eclectic Collectors Market to find collections of thrifty music merchandise.

An initiative by Sonikl (pronounced So-ni-cle), the Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival proves to be a celebration of local creatives with events for all to enjoy. “Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival is a much needed platform for the community in South Selangor to celebrate creative confidence and innovation as a culture,” Dr Johan Kamal Hamidon, CEO of Selangor Youth Community says. “There is much potential for Cyberjaya to be amongst one of the important stops in the creative touring circuit and CMF18 is definitely leading us in that direction”.

The festival will take place at Centrus Mall, CBD Perdana 3, Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur & Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor. Early bird tickets can be purchased via Kedai TAPAU and are priced at RM20 for adults and RM15 for students and groups. Door tickets are priced at RM30 for adults and RM25 for students and groups. Admission for those aged 18 and under is free.



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