George Town Literary Festival 2018: A Celebration of the State of Freedom

Since the dawn of time, literature has been a hallmark of truth and communication, a constant throughout the Golden Ages and the rubble. Coming in its various languages, from Hieroglyphics to English, literature is an arena of fiction and fact.

The Annual George Town Literary Festival (GTFL), the 8th edition of the largest international literary festival in Malaysia, is a celebration of this and all writers alike. Supported and funded by the State Government of Penang, the festival is a top-down rarely seen act of appreciation and encouragement to the thriving arts scene.

“The GTLF believes in the power of free speech and expression and is committed to being one of the most urgent, vital and provocative literary festivals in the region.”

Awarded the title of the Best Literary Festival 2018 by the London Book Fair, GTFL will be held at the UNESCO Heritage site of George Town from the 22nd to the 25th of November. The festival will feature a total of 80 local and international writers and poets, and even some performances.

In an age of a new government, artists and writers are hopeful for a time of criticality and unfiltered truth as we throw censorship out the door. This year’s theme of The State of Freedom is significant as it marks the many milestones of progression in history’s fight for freedom. It is a celebration of diverse voices and truths in the literary realm and the varying freedoms each individual lives, writes and struggles in.

(Source: George Town Literary Festival Website)
(Source: George Town Literary Festival Website)

This year, GTFL is inviting all writers and poets across the nation to compete in The Malaysia National Poetry Slam, an annual spoken word poetry competition. Taking place during the GTFL, 12 Malaysian poets will be battle it out to earn the title of the National Slam Champion.

An eviction of emotion and self-expression, poetry slam is more than just a competition to win. It is making our voices heard in our passions and plights. It is a gathering of some of Malaysia’s most talented and a reassurance that there is crowd who wants to hear their stories.

Moreover, the GTFL needs your help!

Calling all those who are interested in volunteering to help for this year’s festival! Especially, with this year’s poetry slam, the festival will be a busy one. Therefore, your help is crucial for the success of the festival, as they need all the help they can get. Come be apart of something bigger.


To learn more about the festival, click here!

To learn about the Malaysia National Slam Poetry, click here!

For more details and to register to volunteer, click here!

Featured image source: George Town Literary Festival Website

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