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Theatrethreesixty offers 3 plays in 6 weeks; ‘Bloody Banyan Tree’ makes a comeback!

Accompanying the spirit of a new Malaysia, theatrethreesixty is presenting #wearetheatrethreesixty2018, a 2018 edition of their annual wearethreesixty arts festival in the new reality of freedom of expression.

Taking place from the 19th of July until the 26th of August, the festival, which will be held at Lot’ng Space, will showcase 3 theatre productions. The productions will be performed by the nation’s rising artists as they perform a series of diverse theatrical productions.

Featuring a multitude of collaborations, Christopher Ling, the artistic director of theatrethreesixty, considers them pertinent to the growth of a new Malaysia. “[Collaborations] work across the archaic barriers of language, race and culture.”

Integrating the diversity of country into performing arts will help tell a story that is reflective of the Malaysia we all know. Such works aid the growth of the audience alongside a newfound appreciation for the arts.

The festival, which throughout the course of a little over a month, will feature intimate back-to-back shows which will envelop you in the story.

Organized by the talented and passionate collective of theatrethreesixty, playmakers who are nurturing the promising Malaysian theatre scene, writers and actors alike, by providing them a platform to experiment and grow.

The three performances taking place during #wearetheatrethreesixty2018 are What Am I, A Bloody Banyan Tree?, The Fall of the House of Usher and Cikgu Disiplin Sekolah Aku.

What Am I, A Bloody Banyan Tree?

(Source: theatrethreesixty)
(Source: theatrethreesixty)

The play taking place from the 19th until the 29th of July, is a one-woman show about Mimi, a teacher, and her pursuit of inspiring her students despite her own conflicting beliefs and the lack of faith. As her present paths cross with women from her past and future, she embarks on a journey of meaning, identity and human worth. In addition, the soundscape, designed by Haritis Agustin, will build an atmosphere of confusion, conflict and wonder.

The play, written and performed by Marina Tan and directed by Christopher Ling, will be performed in three languages, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Hokkien. First staged in 2o16, the show has been shown in Penang and Kuala Lumpur and will continue to do in this second retelling.

Intimate and hard-hitting, the show invites the audience to delve into Mimi’s troubles as combats the many voices in her head. The audience are not mere spectators, instead, Mimi is asking them to be apart of the story.

The Fall of the House of Usher

(Source: theatrethreesixty)
(Source: theatrethreesixty)

An adaptation, by Tarrant Kwok, of the short story by Edgar Allen Poe of the same name is a physical theatre production, utilizing movements, music and blending words in close proximity to tell a story. Directed by Nicole Ann-Thomas, original music and sound design by Shaun Chen, the play will be taking place from the 2nd until the 12th of August.

The play tells the story a brother and sister in their house overlooking a lake. “One ailing in health, the other one in spirit”. The brother disturbed so much so that he is unable to tolerate flowers, good food, comfortable clothing and is only able to withstand the sounds of the guitar. Comes in Roderick Usher, to heal and bring relief to the brother. However, upon their meeting, it revealed that there is much sinister lurking in the House of Usher.

If you have a stomach for the dark and ominous, this show is one to watch as they unravel the mystery of the enigmatic house along with its occupants in this compelling and suspenseful retelling.

Cikgu Disiplin Sekolah Aku

(Source: theatrethreesixty)
(Source: theatrethreesixty)

Performed entirely in Bahasa Malaysia, Cikgu Disiplin Sekolah Aku is a theatre production which tells the story of loyalty and ethics. Written by Khairunazwan Rodzy and Khairi Anwar and directed by Christopher Ling, the play, taking place from the 16th until the 26th of August, tells the plight of a well-feared disciplinary teacher, Cikgu Mail, as he is ordered to discipline and even dismiss under-performing and mischievous student in order for the schools to rise through the ranks to become a cluster school.

Despite being successful, the students are starting to rebel due to the neglect. This leaves Cikgu Mail with a choice, does he choose the school or the students?

In a setting all-too-familiar to us all, this show brings us a blast from the past as it reminds of the power we have as individuals in the face of conformity. It reminds us to be critical of what we are told and that the orders of authority do not equate to morality. In the confliction of Cikgu Mail, we find a piece of ourselves in that situation. It is truly a performance not to be missed.

To learn more, you can check out their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Featured Image Source: theatrethreesixty Facebook

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