Alvin Chong is Going International with his Latest Songs

Malaysian heartthrob, Alvin Chong, is growing beyond his local roots and is going international with his latest collaborations, We Got This and Mencintaimu 99%.

Coming from the streets of Penang, Alvin never would’ve imagined that he would be where he is now. In fact, his pursuit of music was simply a means to make end’s meet.

Growing up with financial struggles, Alvin had to mature and learn financial responsibility quickly. From helping out at a relative’s convenience store or working in a fast food restaurant to doing his peer’s homework, he did whatever he could to lift the burden off his family’s shoulders.

(Credit: Emma Abdullah)

Upon learning that the music industry could pay him more than the fast food restaurant ever could, he tried his hand at it. Music worked in his favour as he grew to nab gigs regularly. The Astro Star Quest (ASQ), a Chinese reality singing competition, started his journey of stardom as he finished as one of the top 5.

Throughout the years, Alvin has also dabbled in acting, landing roles in popular movies such as 3 Brothers, The Dream Boyz and so on. Eventually, he grew to manage his own career by setting up his own artiste management company, Hashtag Entertainment.

Despite dabbling in music first, it was acting which sent to his career skyrocketing. Acting as a supporting character in the Malay drama, Suri Hati Pilot, his fan base grew exponentially, putting him in the spotlight.

Since then, he has acted in various Malay dramas such as, Awak Suka Saya Tak, and even some Chinese films. However, he has not left music behind.

Having signed with Universal Music Malaysia in 2017 as its 360th artist, Alvin is able to kick back and relax, despite his busy schedule, after all his years of hard work. Seeing Universal Music Malaysia as a family, they are caring for him and helping him with all the nitty-gritty work he had to do himself for years.

Credit: Emma Abdullah

His latest English song We Got This featuring Isabela Vinzon, the first runner-up of The Voice Teens Philippines, is a catchy pop dance track, reminiscent of a mixture of the 1975 and the Chainsmokers.

Isabela has, since The Voice Teen, released a single Right Now, a soft ballad, which features her wide vocal range, about a lost love, with Universal Music Phillipines. In fact, this happens to be Isabela’s first ever collaboration. Her ability to perform ballads and a pop track which showcases her versatility.

Now, Isabela regularly performs on Philippine’s top noon-time show, ASAP, in addition to appearing as a guest actress on the hit TV show Ang Probinsiyano.

Released on the 6th of July, Mencintaimu 99% is a Bahasa Melayu ballad featuring Indonesian sweetheart, Dea Dalila. The song is a fusion of Dea’s song Cinta 99% and Alvin’s song Mencintaimu.

A heartfelt song about love, Alvin’s strong vocals and Dea’s delicate voice make it a song worth belting out to.

To listen to We Got This, click here!

To listen to Mencintaimu 99%, click here!

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