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‘Perubahan’ is a gig to bring out the best of underground hip hop, R&B and indie

Cyberjaya is getting livelier year by year for the music scene, and this year more change is coming your way. Alam Bunyian and Echoes presents Perubahan a lineup of the best artists from the Malaysian music scene.

Earlier this year, Alam Bunyian  a lively multi-billed concert for the closing of art hub, Minut Init. Although they have only recently established themselves as organizers, Alam Bunyian has proven themselves capable of creating an exciting environment to showcase our rich music scene.


On the 30th of June at the Launchpad in Cyberjaya, they’re pushing the envelope even further by bringing together indie acts and hip hop acts on the same stage – from the generally prominent, to the underground auteurs.

Bil Musa
Bil Musa

Some of the indie bands performing include the psychedelic, the otherworldly and the dreamy – Golden Mammoth, who is currently most prominent in the scene for their single Malicious Judicious. Prasasti features Omar who is also a member of psychedelic Nusantara band Ramayan and carries a sound of garage rock with post-punk sensibilities (so there’s no way you should confuse them with the Indonesia band of the same name). For something more lo-fi and warm, Shuuna‘s grooves will tickle the hearts of both lovers of folk sentimentality and the rawness of DIY productions.

From across the South China Sea, the Kuching band South China Sea promises a more ambient sound to the mix, writing not just good ditties, but superb atmosphere for days.

Perubahan is also bringing back indie jazz classics of the early 2000s with the wholesome feels of Tilu. Ska fans and lovers of big band music will also be happy to know that Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang will be making their way to Cyberjaya with brass galore.

Luqman Podolski & Adib Aiman aka ROTI
Luqman Podolski & Adib Aiman aka ROTI

On the other side of the coin, is all the hip-hop representation you need to introduce yourself to the world of alternative hip hop in Malaysia. On one end of the rap buffet is Tulangkata‘s verbal acrobatics with Malay prose and Nusantara vibes. Serving up smooth beats is Orang Malaya who has evolved from your run-of-the-mill sleek trap rapper to one of the best R&B producers in the indie hip hop scene, especially with his latest single, Smile. Other rappers include Sabbala of the swagger-filled Lawa Nie Geng collective , Pele and newcomer Ichu. Luqman Podolski and Adib Aiman, notable viral content producers, will also bring some humour into the mix with their rap duo pseudonym, Roti.

Bil Musa from the label Yuna Room Records will be bringing her critically-acclaimed album, Young Adults, onto the stage as she breaks into the scene with the promise of being a pop R&B debutante. Her album captures the experience quarter-life crisis with solid tracks like No More Excuses aided by the wonderful production of Kuizz Shah. Bil Musa is a joy to see live.

As stated in the  press release by Alam Bunyian: “Perubahan is a gig to celebrate the change we’re all seeing in Malaysian music. We are trying to bring the best out of it, as we assemble the best of both worlds from the local indie scene and the local hip hop scene”.

All of this with a reasonable price too, with RM45 for door tickets and RM30 for pre-sales (which ends today). Definitely worth the money considering the decorated lineup.

To book tickets, you can whatsapp the number:
0193042219 or 0103557786 
OR just click on the link:

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