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2062: A Multidisciplinary Theatre Experience

Happening at George Town Festival on the 10th and 11th of August, 2062, a live experimental cinematic show, is a story and discussion of ideology. A truly immersive ethereal experience, the show utilizes multidisciplinary techniques, such as multimedia, comic, illustration and animation. It is said to be “all of that and none of this” as it refuses to be categorized.

Set in a dystopian world, 2062 tells the tale of the pressing struggles and issues we face in the present. With the “present” being the authentic protagonist, the show showcases the plight of the immigrant, the xenophobia found in the immigration crisis, the brainwashing of ideology, geopolitics and so much more, in a dark and ominous world.

(Source: Karla Kracht
(Source: Karla Kracht

Once an audience member enters the room, they will encounter the set of the show sprawled across the floor. The show, which uses object and shadow theatre, makes the room its stage as walls and platforms serve as the film set and the tiny hand-made clay, wire, paper and cardboard figures act as the characters.

The 50-minute long show, by Karla Kracht and Andres Beladiez, is narrated by the artists themselves as they navigate and maneuver around the stage, interacting with stage using cameras, torch lights, animation, special effects, and shadows. The motionless figurine characters are brought to life through the various method used, making this show incredibly unconventional and innovative.

“A performance explains itself where it gets born and where it dies: on stage. Everything else is a useless intent to catch the ephemeral.”

With real-time execution being fundamental for the show, theatrically, no two performances will ever be identical. Each audience will have an incredibly individual performance.

(Source: Karla Kracht
(Source: Karla Kracht

2062 is a show meant to be thought-provoking as well as stimulating as it grapples with controversial current affairs in its unique manner.

Yet, it is not merely just a live show.

“We are searching a language, our own way to tell our stories.”

Karla Kracht, a visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work, which has been exhibited all across the world, often focuses on current affairs and incorporates illustration, animation, video, and performance.

Teaming up with German stage director and dramaturge, Andres Beladiez, who just like Kracht, incorporates and discusses social and political issues in his content. Using technology as a tool of narration, Beladiez and Kracht is a pair of artists who will break barriers.

To learn more about the show, click here!

To purchase tickets, click here!

Featured Image Source: George Town Festival Website 


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