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Namewee’s ‘Malaysia Boleh!’: An Anthem of Love and Hope

In the spirit of The World Cup and the historical 14th General Election, Namewee has released his newest Merdeka theme song, ‘Malaysia Boleh!’. Released with a music video, the song features Ning Baizura and Sasi The Don.

Many weeks have passed since the general elections and despite the promising future, Malaysian politics has not proven itself to be as glorious and smooth as we hoped. However, this video reminds us of the happiness and the pride on the night of 9th May, of which in one way or another still remains in our spirits.

Shot in Dataran Merdeka, the video resembles a festival as it features an explosion of Malaysian cultures and colours. Presenting the abundance of the Malaysian culture, including the cultures of, the often forgotten, indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak.

Dances from the various cultures are showcased in the video, creating the liveliness and excitement often entailed by The World Cup and Merdeka. As Malaysians, we are often proud of the country’s diversity. This pride is evident in this video through how each culture is also presented with their respective state flag.

(Source: Rojak Daily
(Source: Rojak Daily

The song, primarily sung in the country’s official language, Bahasa Melayu, also incorporates Mandarin and Tamil.

In addition, the music video showcases clips of the country’s most historical moments. Starting with Malaysia’s Declaration of Independence ceremony, the construction of the Petronas Twin Towers, the victories of Malaysian Athletes throughout history and so much.

The music video also includes clips of the Bersih protests which lead to the long-awaited change of government. The clips shown throughout the video illustrate the progress the country has made from our humble beginnings.

In light of the recent elections, the song is an anthem of love and hope. The lyrics tell the story of the nation’s innate character and our history of thriving and fighting for our beloved country.

The song which was written on the historical night of 9th May shows Namewee’s pride and love of the country, which reflects much of the nation’s own patriotism.

Namewee is a Chinese Malaysian filmmaker, actor, composer and recording artists, which rose to fame after his controversial parody of the national anthem, Negarakuku. Now, he continues to produce songs and regularly creates videos on Youtube.

To keep up with Namewee, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Featured image credit: Namewee’s Youtube

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