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One, Two, Jaga Chosen to Screen at the 17th New York Asian Film Festival!

Malaysian film, One, Two, Jaga, internationally known as Crossroads, has been chosen to screen at the 17th New York Asian Film Festival’s (NYAFF) Main Competition.

(Source: IMDB Pro
(Source: IMDB Pro

The film festival, organized by Subway Cinema in collaboration with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, aims to recognize and appreciate the work and art produced by the Asian film industry. It provides a perspective to build bridges between Asia and the West.

The competition, now known as the Tiger Uncaged Award, which will screen the film, directed by Nam Ron and produced by Bront Palarae, will battle with six other films for the title of Best Feature Film.

Coming from all across Asia, the films, which truly do not receive the attention and recognition they deserve, are given a platform to showcase their potential and talent in the West.

One, Two, Jaga sheds light on the darkness which persists in this hopeful country which holds immense potential. Exploring the realm of foreign worker exploitation, the film tells a story which Malaysians are not ready to face, often sweeping it under the rug.

Inspired by the migrant worker who was a cleaner in Nam Ron’s apartment, the film is an honest testimony of workers that are often disrespected and taken advantage of despite the bravery they have in their pursuit of a better life.

The film features a diverse international cast of actors from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, coming together to bring the movie, which was subjected to countless rejections and alterations, to life.

In addition to One, Two, Jaga, Dukun, the black magic thriller, will be featured at NYAFF as well.

Truly a feat for the Malaysian film industry, the screening does so much more than showcase the world we can do. It shows the world who we are, in our incredibly individual and unique stories. It allows us to make a mark in an industry dominated by the West.

One, Two, Jaga was also selected to open at the 20th Far East Film Festival in Italy and will be screened at the 21st Shanghai Film Festival in this month of June.

Featured image source: Pixel Play Entertainment

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