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Raya Ads On A Roll: Our Top 7 Favourites

Much like ourselves, our Raya ads are growing up.

This coming Raya Aidilfitri, we’ve selected a few of our favorite ads and web shorts to share with all of you! From topics across poverty to interracial families, you’ll be on one rollercoaster ride of tears and laughter! So sit back, relax, and enjoy a bowl of rendang and nasi empit as we list out our personal favorites!

1. Buku Ayah (A web short by I&P Group)

It often times takes more than a wake-up call to turn our lives around for the better, and this web short pictures a beautiful growth of character without using religious sentiments or guilt-tripping. In this story, it begins when Hidayah entrusts a memoir from their past over to her younger brother Hamzah, hoping that the words her father wrote which once impacted her to work harder for their sake would reach the heart of her devil-may-care and unemployed sibling.

Buku Ayah is a tale of two siblings with different paths in life, responsibility and the power of a father’s hopes and dreams- It’s a colorful story about a poverty-ridden family with a jarring message to those who take the sacrifices of their parents for granted.

2. Wayang Sayang (A web short by Maxis)

Love can be found everywhere, and can even be hidden in our darkest times; in this web short, Wayang Sayang portrays a long-time couple on the brink of divorce. Kamil narrates the deteriorating relationship with his wife Nora, which went south after their marriage. However, Kamil’s father leaves them a will that, unbeknownst to them, will reignite an old but strong love for each other.

Wayang Sayang stays true to its name by keeping the theme of photography and film authentic and even shows the progression of pictures changing alongside its technological counterparts. Utilizing the theme to chronicle their love, the ad tells of the facade they put up as Kamil calls himself and his wife performers. Returning to their state of animosity as the director calls cuts. It showcases through the happiness and love which photography captures how their love will “stand the test of time”.

3. Makcik Bawang (A web short by TM)

Drawing on the stereotypical setting of cutting onions during pre-raya meal preparations, it tells us of the questioning, gossiping and taunting which we all know too well. This ad tells us of the Raya experience that we cannot avoid no matter how hard we try, it expresses our dread, discomfort, and sometimes, our pain. Yet, it reminds us to mindful and considerate of relatives who though can be insensitive, care very much.

In the incredibly connected the world we live in today, we are constantly updated on the latest gossip and our friend’s and relative’s latest news through social media. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. It reminds of our aunts who question us, not to hurt us, but because they have no other way of knowing. It tells us of their love and care and urges us to understand in our times of frustration.

4. Biru (A web short by Graph Studio)

Biru is another beautiful example of a Raya short where everything feels well-thought-out. The story conveys a heartfelt story of a blue man abandoned by the people around him. Made by Graph Studio, Biru parodies the sombering tone of classic Raya commercials and gives it a cheeky, profound twist. Every aspect of this commercial is a wonderful piece of narrative (complete with great puns) and surely makes it significantly unique than all the other commercials that have prided itself in Wes Anderson-esque cinematography but occasionally lacks in fresh stories. Well Biru has all of that, tickling your funny bone and the part of the brain that makes you go “Laaaah”

5. Bisik Hati Mak (A web short by Telekung Siti Khadijah)

Many often forget the importance of communication in the pursuit of happiness and peace. This web short highlights the struggle between a mother-in-law and daughter, Ruby, in overcoming cultural boundaries, without putting race or religion at the forefront. Language barriers and the lack of communication leads to misunderstandings within the family, leading to growing animosity and anxiousness.

Bisik Hati Mak tells the often untold story of interracial families and the obstacles they face when adjusting to each other. Reflective of the multicultural and multiracial Malaysia which we live in, it reminds us of the peace and love that we have despite our differences.

6. Misi Riuh Raya (A web short by Petronas)

An essential feature of the Raya experience is the chaos. What better way to showcase that chaos than an action montage of a huge family trying to prepare a surprise Raya for their parents. Another beautifully happy Raya ad fighting against the grain of sad advertisements (especially those made by Petronas), this commercial is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, as each family member attempts to outsmart all of the crap the universe throws at them to prevent them from having the best Hari Raya.

7. Rumah Epik Fantastik(A Raya Ad by TNG)

This ad by TNG features an explosion of all things Raya. The sharing, the dancing, the lack of privacy, the food and especially the people. It shows us the havoc and the stress that comes with Raya, but it also reminds us of the undeniable happiness which comes after. It shows that throughout all this, it is worth it.

The use of the many different film and editing styles make this web short a true joy to watch as we witness the stress which Ariff, the protagonist, experiences like it’s an adventure. With the presence of a recurring potted plant, it leads us to believe that perhaps it is the potted plant that is the star of the show.

The featured image is from the video Biru by Graph Studios.

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