Pasaraye 2018 To Kick Off The Weekend With A Blast!

If you’re looking for fun and excitement as the end of the week approaches, check out Pasaraye 2018, happening on the 8th and 9th of June!

(Credit: Kluang Mall Facebook
(Credit: Kluang Mall Facebook)

Happening on the rooftop of Kluang Mall, Johor, Pasaraye 2018 is inviting you to break fast with them at this pre-raya festivity featuring pop up shops, street food, a collector’s market and local brands such as KRACK, LOADED, NAISE and so much more.

In addition to that, there will be performances from talented local artists such as Grey Sky Morning, Orkes A Hizadin and The Humming Birds. There will also be special guests performers, The Lawra and Kapow.

Grey Sky Morning who returned this year with a vibrant bop, Dansa Persona, after making their mark as a treasure of the Malaysian indie music scene many years ago. Starting their humble beginnings as an indie band based in Klang in 2004, the band comprised of Ejal, the vocalist, Yatt, the bassist, Ery, the drummer, Ojex, the lead guitarist, and Ewan the secondary guitarist, wrote, composed and arrange all their songs, sticking by the indie brand the band carried.

Throughout the years, they have stayed active in the underground music scene but they are now back to give a performance that is not to miss.

Next, there is Orkes A Hizadin, a band named after their lead vocalist Amir. The band is comprised of Amir, Ully and Syahid on the guitars, Nash, the bassist, and Opie, the drummer. Starting off as merely a band project for a one-time performance among friends who met on Whatsapp, the self-proclaimed orkes has grown to be so much more and never fails to deliver upbeat fun indie music.

Finally, The Humming Birds, a Johor Bahru based rock and roll band. Formed in 2013, the band holds onto their passion for indie rock and roll which continues to drive and inspire them. The band comprised of Daniel Tilidie on the vocals and guitar, Adam Smith, the back-up vocalist and guitarist, Epul Norhan, the bassist and Ikmal, their sessionist drummer.

Pasaraye 2018 is an opportunity for all to support and engage in the local community as well as enjoy a little bit of excitement on a weekend.


For more information on Pasaraye 2018, click here!

To keep up with Grey Sky Morning, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

To keep up with Orkes A Hizadin, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

To keep up with The Humming Birds, follow them on Facebook.


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