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Haikal Idris’s Newest Video with Muzakir Xynll Satirizes Intolerant Malays

The realm of satire is no stranger to Haikal Idris as he returns with Muzakir Xynll, with yet another parody titled, “I’M MALAY”.

Found on his Youtube channel, haikalclassic, the video showcases a rap song which discusses the hypocrisy often found in Malay reasoning and logic and viral videos of Malays displaying rude behaviour.

Starting with the viral video of the now Defence Minister, Mat Sabu, shouting and throwing his microphone, followed by Jamal Yunos destroying beer cans in protest of Oktoberfest, motorcycle racing, or ‘rempit’ culture, the popular music video ‘I am me’ by DSV, the ‘Red Shirts’ movement and so on.

The rap functions as a voiceover to the videos shown as it discusses problematic Malay logic. Pointing out the mindset found in supremacist groups, misplacement of religious values, their regressive mindset, their fear of losing power and much more.

(Credit: Column Life
(Credit: Column Life

Utilizing this parody, Haikal and Mukazir speak up on the taboo Malay supremacist mindset by providing evidence of how their speech often contradicts with their behaviour.

Despite being derogatory and mocking in nature, parodies have made their mark to be highly insightful and educating. Tapping into the people’s common love for comedy, it allows a discussion which questions the status quo to take place.

Though light-hearted, it operates to expose dark truths that many are not ready to face. The act of poking fun at fears will eventually lead us to question, why is it that we fear what we do so much?

Haikal, who has made multiple videos on his Youtube channel tackling this topic, is clearly not afraid of voicing out his opinions. A stand-up comedian by night, Haikal regularly shines light onto taboo topics through his use of dark humour in his shows.

(Credit: BFM
(Credit: BFM

Uploading sketches on his Youtube channel, Mentol Pecah, Xynll, who is now an upcoming stand-up comedian, had kickstarted his comedy career. In addition, he is also a content writer and apart of comedy team for the Youtube sketch, District Lumper.

If you want to keep up with Haikal Idris, you may follow him on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to keep up with Muzakir Xynll, you may follow him on his Twitter,

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