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Submerge yourself in two great music video releases from Jaggfuzzbeats and Lunadira!

The month of June is off to a good start with the release of Lunadira’s first ever music video and Jaggfuzzbeat’s music video for their song ‘Symmetry’.

Stuck With You by Lunadira

The release of Lunadira’s music video for her single ‘Stuck with You’ on June 2nd from This Way Up Records, encompasses the confusion and vulnerability accompanied by a failing relationship.

Produced by Harith Jamil, mixed by Kuizz Shah and mastered by Shawn Hattfield, the RnB song itself illustrates the pulling of heartstrings in times of heartache. The music video, shot by Aiman Rohisham and directed by Amani Azlin, does all the more to tell the story of the fragility of love and what it means to put one’s heart in another’s hands.

The video concept, crafted by Lunadira herself with the help of styling and art direction from Lizzie Zany, allows you to journey through the pain of heartbreak through the use of sensual visuals and parallels with contrasting colours of warm and cool tones which truly amplifies the heartache delivered by her soft and gentle voice.

Lunadira who just a few years ago frequented covers on Youtube will be taking the stage at Good Vibes Festival this July. Her witty and humorous personality as seen on Twitter showcases the joy she must be to watch!


Her rise is a well-deserved one for the talented artist that she is and her hard-work throughout the years.

Symmetry by Jaggfuzzbeats

Following closely after, comes the release of Jaggfuzzbeat’s latest music video for the song ‘Symmetry’ on June 3rd!

The music video made with Perceive, directed and edited by Irfan Aljuffry and coloured by Ammar Aizzad, showcasing a sense of tranquillity and carelessness through their movements as they play their instruments in the nature which surrounds them. It illustrates a sense of escapism through the vintage vibe exuded by the muted and faded colours of the video.

The laid-back video concept compliments the mellow sound of the song, working together to make the video a truly peaceful and wonderful experience. However, the song

(Source: Jaggfuzzbeats Twitter)
(Source: Jaggfuzzbeats Twitter)

itself discusses what it means to make peace:

‘Symmetry’ tells the story about losing someone and learning to understand the loss. Seeking forgiveness that will remain unanswered and realising that time waits for no one. – Azrul Zainal


Comprised of Azrul Zainal on the guitar and vocals and Omar Aiman on the drums, Jaggfuzzbeats is a rock duo who have been playing together ever since secondary school. Having formed in 2014, the two have been playing and making music for the love of it with them caring little for the reception they might receive.

Their love for music is truly remarkable as they continue to progress and even change their sound. Though it is still unknown what their new sound will be like, it is ensured that they would be incorporating their signature sound with new styles. Nonetheless, we should have little to fear as their talent and potential has presented itself through their album ‘Rest Now’.

To keep track of Lunadira, you may follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

To keep up with Jaggfuzzbeats, you may follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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