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Lost Spaces’ debut single “” is a lo-fi, visual experience

Breaking Music’s newest signees Lost Spaces commemorates the release of their debut single “” with their first music video!

31949649_897520393783538_2683586289134993408_nIn collaboration with Highborn, the band’s indie-pop single is complemented with a lo-fi take on portraying the feelings of hopelessness, giving the viewers a sense of nostalgia as the vintage Volvo drives off into the distance without a particular destination in mind.

Who are ‘Lost Spaces’?

The alt indie-pop band is made up of the Ipoh born Sam Lopez, who came to Kuala Lumpur in hopes of pursuing his music. Starting off a bedroom musician, he eventually teamed up with Imran Marshall (Vocals, Bass), Keane Chua (Guitar) and brother Lukas Lopez (Drums) to form Lost Spaces as who they are today!


Drawing inspiration from HalfNoise & Seoul and The 1975, this song exudes a laid-back road trip vibe and marks Lost Spaces as a band worth your attention in the local alternative indie-pop sphere! Despite the song’s upbeat composition, the underlying message behind it is far darker;

“The song came form a place of hopelessness, feeding into a somewhat cynical outlook on life. That nothing really matters no matter what you do or how hard you try.” – Sam Lopez

Inspired by the conversation that took place between the band members about their problems that night, they eventually turned “” into a full-fledged track. In spite of how it started, the song eventually became a little anthem of hope, about having someone or something that kept them going. ” Our relationships are what make life worth living,” said Sam.


If you wanna keep track of Lost Spaces, you may follow them on Instagram, twitter and facebook!

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