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Let’s bring ‘electronic joget’ band, The Venopian Solitude, to their first European tour!

Starting from the 9th to the 28th of June, The Venopian Solitude will be making waves for their first European tour, and will also be the first electronic outfit from Malaysia to complete a festival circuit in the region! Now they need your help to make this dream come true!

source: Earthbeat

The Venopian Solitude is an exceptionally creative band, with 3 Anugerah Industri Muzik 2014 (AIM) nominations for their album “Hikayat Perawan Majnun”! Two of TVS members had also won Best Hip-Hop Song for the song ‘Janji’ with Altimet for AIM 2016 (Kemat as the composer, Suiko as the singer and co-lyricist), TVS is setting sail to expand their music to the rest of the world!

Packed suitcases full of traditional wear, a pocketful of Nusantara and a whole lotta spunk, the EJM (Electronic Joget Music) noisemakers will be making Malaysian music history to be gracing the electronic music scene on the world stage.


From rainy England to sunny Spain- The Venopian Solitude has been specially selected to perform at awesome festivals such as Alice CPH (Denmark), Houtfestival (The Netherlands),  Sommarscen Malmö (Sweden), Fusion Festival (Berlin) and many more!

Sonar By Day line-up
Sonar By Day line-up

However, the main highlight of the tour will be Sónar Barcelona, which is known to be one of the best electronic music festivals in the world! TVS will be performing alongside industry legends such as Bonobo, Cornelius, Diplo, LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz and Tom Yorke for over a crowd of 120,000 attendees!

Other than the festival circuit, TVS will be invited to record a session at the Red Bull Music Academy’S (RBMA) studio, of which lead singer Takahara Suiko is an alumnus.

It will be the first time that a Malaysian band will be featured on RBMA’s recording sessions, so let’s get The Venopian Solitude on the map!


In terms of the festival circuit’s credibility, The Venopian Solitude will be in collaboration with their booking agent in Europe, Jerome Williams of Earthbeat NL, where they will have a three to five-year plan which involves tours and shows around Europe, and regions around the world.

The-Venopian-SolitudeTVS hopes to have a long-term collaboration with the companies, businesses, and institutions that are interested to work with them, and they have much to offer, such as a new market for your products, long-term relationship and CSR events post-tour!

“We hope that local brands and companies will be interested in flying high with us throughout the journey,”

– Ariana, guitarist of The Venopian Solitude.

The ways of which TVS will help give back to you and/or company is through projects such as;

★ Talks/workshops!

★ Jingles/songs!

★ Brand promo/campaigns!

If you’re interested in contributing to The Venopian Solitude’s funding, contact them here!

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