Mother’s Day Playlist: 8 songs to remind you to give your mum a call!

Now that the mother of all elections is over, don’t let that fever make you forget that today is Mother’s Day! Here’ s a collection of songs to be the soundtrack for your Mother’s Day celebration. Follow The Daily Seni on Spotify for more awesome music!


Ratu Hati – Masdo


This Masdo track is recent but is filled to the brim with classic sounds especially from the likes of Ahmad Jais. No version of it is available online yet so we apologize for the absence of the track. A viable alternative is for you to follow Masdo, go to their concert and get their CD. They perform so frequently anyway, this wouldn’t really be a problem.

Mama’s Boy – Sonaone

SonaOne’s ode to his mother has that same warm feeling that Chance the Rapper has in his song Hey Ma. The music video accompanying the song is also a beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere.

Ayah dan Ibu – Sudirman

This song is a landmark song in Malaysian music history. Sudirman’s voice has the ability to make you feel emotional from out of the blue, especially during Raya, since that’s when this song gets played A LOT.

Untukmu Ibu – Exists

If you listen to even a little bit of rock kapak you should know that there’s so much romanticism in the lyrics. So much jiwa. But those romantic verses aren’t just meant for romantic love, as proven by Exists song, Untukmu Ibu. This song is especially poignant since it speaks of a love for a mother that has already passed on (Hasratku ini/Masih belum sempat/Kubuktikannya kepadamu)

Please Stay – Talitha Tan

This pop track is Talitha Tan rebranded. But more than just being a catchy pop ditty, Talitha Tan’s track is written after she got into a fight with her mother (read the full interview on Juice). Please Stay is Talitha Tan showing empathy for her mother’s struggles, as the chorus is written from the perspective of her mother who would anything for her children.

Ibu – Tan Sri P. Ramlee

Another piece of Malaysian music history. From being the Fernleaf commercial soundtrack to having Tun Siti Hasmah cover it, it has travelled across our collective Malaysian psyche in so many forms, that you have people who know the song but might not even know that it was P. Ramlee who first sang it. Truly, the original is the best when it comes to this evergreen anthem for mothers.

Papa Mama – Hujan

Representing the indie scene, Hujan‘s song Papa Mama from their album Jika Sempat is one of those tracks you listen to when you miss your parents after traveling abroad for so long. It’s  a song with a simple melody, but a lot of heart and love.

Ratu Hati – Innuendo & The Alan Smithee Quintet

Everyone knows Innuendo for their hit song, Belaian Jiwa, but their song Ratu Hati is no less of a musical stunner. With the aid of beautiful musical arrangements from the Alan Smithee Quintet, Innuendo gives us this sweet and soft-spoken serenade for mommies everywhere.

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