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Dae Kim’s instrumental album, Solace, is an otherworldly soundscape

As of April 2018, Dae Kim has released his first instrumental LP “Solace” under Mü-nest! This is the Korean-born, Malaysian-based music composer and filmmaker’s first LP, which portrays his perspective of this expedition through a soundscape of the living world.

Dae Kim's Solace LP
Dae Kim’s Solace LP

Solace LP is Dae Kim’s journey of finding his comfort amongst his vagrancy and it has been a rewarding one thus far.

In this 52 introspective minutes of music, it stands for something more for the listeners. Solace is  definitely a step in the right direction, after succeeding his EP “</3”, which had the track Baby Blue featuring Ryota Katayama.  He has previously worked with Jin Hackman as the arranger and composer of the hit “Banana“, as performed by the Malaysian rapper.

It is derived from the inspiration of trying to find a moment of tranquility, in a world that is heavily driven by obsessive social media culture.

The album is mainly structured in three main themes, “Evenfall”, “Nightfall” and “Dawnfall”, which captures the essence of vulnerability in our most congested states of being. One of the tracks that resonate with me the most is Evenfall; with the progression of its resounding synth amidst a calming beat.

Credits: All is Amazing
Credits: All is Amazing

Dae finds most of his inspiration from his musical heroes, such as the Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and A Winged Victory of the Sullen, which helped him shaped the overall feeling and sound for Solace LP.

It is special in the sense that it is also a collaborative effort with Japanese composer Okamotonoriaki and was mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama from Tokyo, who brought the entire album to its life and fruition, where physical copies of the album will be distributed to Japan as well!

The beauty of the album doesn’t just fall into its dreamy looping or its lo-fi sound, but it is best described by Dae himself;

“With a mixture of electronica, ambient and acoustic, I am able to create songs that carry strong messages with a heartfelt innocence.”

Dae Kim & Jocelyn Stemilyn
Dae Kim & Jocelyn Stemilyn (Credits: Dae Kim)

Among the many talented musicians that Dae has in his court are Kent Lee, Okamotonoriaki, and Flica. Kent Lee‘s masterful use of the bass is shown through his ability as a versatile musician through songs like “Obscure Dusk”, “Solemn Solace” and “Hætu” which carries the weight of the album’s theme between its heartwarming bass lines.

Flica‘s role adds in a rather eccentric touch to the track “Cosmic Inflation”, with a burst of overdriven keys and alluring melody lines that swell together in the midst of these indentations.

Each song in the album is beautifully crafted into beautiful fleeting moments that can only be brought back by sound- and Solace LP does a fantastic job of interpreting purity in song, by using crystal clear lopping melodies that entrances you to a place far, far away.

Dae Kim’s LP is quintessential serenity; keeping you engaged with so little, yet with so much volume.

To catch up with Dae Kim’s future projects and profile, check out these links; Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud and Instagram!

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