Buatan Malaysia – 5 Malaysian Fashion Labels You Should Know

In welcoming the fashion event series, PERSPECTIVE, by Johor Society of Performing Arts,  we made a list of five fashion labels that are our personal favourites. Head to for more events in Johor.

Cassey Gan

Image from (
Image from (

With an aim to bring forth a sense of confidence in the female form by way of loose-fitted silhouettes – Cassey Gan’s creations are distinct from the rest. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, her collections are infused with effervescent hues and abstract prints. Along with the interesting use of textures, layering plays an important role in most of her designs. Using bibs and aprons, each look can be deconstructed and customised to the wearer’s liking.

Having graduated with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, Cassey Gan knew she was headed down a different path. She then decided to take a BA in Fashion Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion. After graduating, she became 1 of 34 graduates to be featured in Vogue Italia. With the showcase of her latest collection at London Fashion Week earlier this year, Cassey Gan has only good things in store for the future.

Check out her designs here:

Moto Guo

Image taken from
Image taken from

There is something absolutely nostalgic about looking at things that look whimsical. Whether it be the characters that remind you of your childhood or the theme songs that flooded your ears – nostalgia in itself is something addictive. With his collection, ‘Picnic In The Society’ being featured at Milan Fashion Week 2017, Moto Guo took the opportunity to put models covered in acne on the runway. The statement-making runway show made headlines and earned Moto Guo global attention.

Adding to the inclusivity factor in his clothes, his garments are gender-fluid and are not tailored to a specific sex. The fashion designer recently showed his Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection at Shanghai Fashion Week and has released a few campaign shots for his upcoming Spring/Summer 2018. We are definitely excited to see what’s next.

For more, check out his Instagram profile:

Ong Shunmugam

Image taken from

Tradition is something that links us to our culture and identity. Heavily influenced by orientalism, the label released its first cheongsam collection, Guardianship in 2011. Focusing on the craftsmanship of the garments and diverting from the aims of fast fashion companies, the label is one that seamlessly intertwines past and present.

The woman behind it all is Malaysian-born Priscilla Shunmugam (who now works and lives in Singapore), who was a lawyer before she decided she wanted to pursue fashion. After she had studied pattern-making and dress cutting for a year in England, Ong Shunmugam was established – with their first collection entitled, ‘Orientalism’.

Visit her store here:

Nelissa Hilman

Image taken from×1180.jpg

Another chemical engineer turned designer is Nelissa Hilman, a shoe designer who pursued her passion at the POLIMODA Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. With classic silhouettes designed for modern times, the shoes she creates are ones that have gained local attention. The eponymous label also takes pride in making sustainable shoes, by sourcing raw materials locally. The leathers used for the shoes is also sourced sustainably, as they source them from overruns and tannery lots, as well as sample stocks.

She has also collaborated with various designers and visual artists in Malaysia. This includes an in-store art installation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, titled For Maznah by artist, Sharina Shahrin. The art installation was dedicated to the artist’s late grandmother who had passed away from the disease. Apart from that, Nelissa has also recently collaborated with Cassey Gan and Cuevolution to produce a capsule collection of shoes.

Shop her shoes here:

Baju by Sharina

Image is taken from Baju by Sharina

Eye-catching batik prints that contrast harmoniously on the traditional Kedah Kurung – Shahrina Sharin started Baju by Sharina in an effort to promote batik to the masses (and not to be known as a fashion designer). She collaborates with batik makers in Terengganu to make the batik prints that paint the clothes. Though she doesn’t make the batik prints on her own, Sharina contributes to the creative process by discussing colour schemes and design themes with the artists. This allows for the artists to express themselves freely through their craft.

Her creative direction and styling for the batik pieces, add to the ingenuity of the brand. Working together with Amani Azlin on her campaign shots, inclusivity is a big factor when choosing models. With the ethos, ‘Batik for all’, the artist aims to nurture a self-love in the community today – something that conforming to fashion standards hasn’t done for us. Apart from creative direction, Sharina also runs Everyday Studios – a space in which she started, to focus on paintwork during her gap year. She aims for it to be a place in which creative talent is fostered.

Shop her clothes here:

Get the latest fashion events on the Southside of Malaysia at Featured image is by Baju by Sharina

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