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KURUNG is back! Telling a story of terror in the hearts and minds of criminals

Asterik Anak Seni Productions is back with a re-staging of the haunting psychological-thriller piece titled “Kurung“, which will be showing from the 5th-8th of April 2018 at Blackbox, Damansara Performing Arts Center!

Asterik Anak Seni Productions is locally known for its pieces such as Blues Hari Isnin, Ancil 247, Memoir Si Buta, Make a Wish and its most recent play Pedofilia (Which made its way as 4th on our Top 5 Plays of 2017; here)- it’s back with a re-staging of Kurung, which was in theaters last year.

If you missed it, here’s a throwback to our review of Kurung when it showed last August!


Excerpt from review:

Kurung is definitely a play that opens up a discussion on mental illness as the audience became intrigued during the Q & A session to understand more about why the characters were presented in such a way. With a simple storyline, and even simpler stage set and miniscule cast, Kurung has stimulated a conversation that is much needed through art, a compact screenplay by Din Mawar and Farah Kamsari and an ominous concept.


Produced by Farah Kamsari and directed by Din Mawar alongside co-founders of AAS Qiu Qatina and Alif Idzham and in collaboration with NGO Tenaganita (which works to protect women and victims of human trafficking);

Nabil Zakaria

Kurung is a devised theater piece on the kidnapping and the psychological effects on the mentally unsound, revolving around the story of an obsessive kidnapper, an accomplice, and his victim.

The play aspires to spread awareness of the horrifying world of kidnapping, human trafficking, and the psychological effects on mental illnesses in the minds of criminals and affected victims.

The play will be featuring the fellow cast members Kween Keela (Aludra), Aliff Adzham (Andi), Ahmad Ghani (Aniq), Nabil Zakaria, Ghadifi Meliki, Sein Fattah and Rozaib Sugian as a part of the ensemble.

To find out the rest, see this for yourself!

Check out the trailer here!





To find out more information about the play, please click on the links below!


facebook: asterikanakseni

For bookings:
🍟 010 903 6786 (Cahaya Jais)


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