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Mezzotono: An A Capella Group from Italy will bring laughter to Johor Bahru!

A capella music with a tinge of humour. Witness Mezzotono on the 12th of March at Doubletree by Hilton, Johor Bahru – musical comedy like you’ve never seen before!

Keep your calendar open for Mad in Italy – A Fun Evening of A-Cappella with our funny singing Italians, Mezzotono! Describing themselves as ‘a small Italian orchestra without instruments’, each Mezzotono performance is executed entirely with only five human voices and a repertoire that ranges from pop to jazz, bossa nova, mambo, tango, big band, folk, and classical music – truly a treat for everyone!

Who is Mezzotono?

The Mezzotono Show is entirely executed by five voices a-cappella, which means without the use of any musical instruments. You’re probably already familiar with the genre if you’re fans of YouTube sensations, Pentatonix, covering popular songs using only the sound of their voice to represent different instruments. Mezzotono is more than just an a capella group however. The group carries a comical approach as they encourage audience participation in a way that doesn’t make the audience uncomfortable.

Although of Italian origins, they haven’t just performed at Italian theatres. Mezzotono has showcased their talent all over the world in 20 countries which makes them the Italian vocal group with more performances abroad than in their own country. One of the reasons why they get so many billings is because of the uniqueness of their performance, proven through their extensive repertoire, consisting mostly of Italian music redefined via many styles.

These songs are redefined in a way that leaves a very different impact from the original version, making Mezzotono perfect for all situations.

Mezzotono also frequently gives seminars in many Universities around the world about the intricate wonders of a cappella music and the Italian language.

Be sure to check them out!


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