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Mural artist, Ernest Zacharevic, barred from entering Malaysia

Based on his post on Instagram story, Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is currently prevented by the authorities from entering the country. Ernest is most famous for his murals, some of which include Children On A Bicycle and Boy On A Bike.


Zacharevic, 31, posted on his Instagram Story that he was not allowed to enter Malaysia.

“I’m in Singapore now…

“I know everyone is worried so just letting y’all know that I’m safe and sound, breathing fresh air of freedom in Singapore.

“I’ll be here till I figure out where I’m heading next. But for now I think I’m gonna stay away from Malaysia for a while…” he wrote recently.

Local art enthusiast and a friend of Zacharevic, Tan Chor Whye, said the matter was “no big issue”.

“Normal immigration procedure for visitors. No worries. Everything’s good,” he said when contacted.

Zacharevic did not mention when and where he was disallowed from entering Malaysia.

“…not by choice.:D

“Stamp in my passport does not allow me to enter Malaysia.

“No one specified why and for how long,” he added in the post.

As of now, there has been no comment from the immigration department, based upon an article by the Star.

His artwork has embraced the lives of everyday people in Malaysia through warm depictions of them in murals, but is also involved in other projects.

Ernest is currently involved with the Splash and Burn project, in order to raise awareness of the destruction of wildlife wrought by the palm oil industry.

We can’t do enough to make a change, but we will keep trying! Bringing this topic to global media is crucial for keeping corporations and governments under pressure and forcing them to take sustainable decisions. Thanks BBC news for the coverage! . . . @Regrann from @bbcnews – 20 JUL: A deadly haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia, that reached epic proportions in 2015, has given inspiration to one street artist. The fires are often caused by the slash-and-burn methods used by farmers to clear land for palm oil plantations. Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has spent more than a year secretly curating a series of public art works in Sumatra to highlight the problems caused by unregulated farming practices such as pollution, deforestation and displacement of wildlife. Find out more: #Indonesia #Forests #PalmOil #Environment #Art #StreetArt #bbcnews #BBCShorts #bbc @bbcnews – #regrann

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ernest zacharevic work in progressZacharevic is engaged to Sheena Liam, the Malaysian winner of the reality TV series Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 in 2014 who is also an embroidery artist.

Zacharevic received worldwide acclaim in 2012 after creating a series of street art murals for the George Town Festival in Penang.



The article contains information sourced from the Star:

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