Music Video

Listen to the acoustic version of Midnight Fusic’s “Lovesick”!

Arif and Adrian from Midnight Fusic perform a chilled out version of their latest single Lovesick!

The story of Midnight Fusic starts when  a group of friends came together over their love for alternative and indie music. Beginning with the core members Raja Arif Aizudin (vocals and rhythm guitars), and lead guitarist Adrian Danial, the duo expanded into a band with the inclusion of self-taught bassist, Firdaus Azmi and Muaz Rabbani who picked up the drums when asked if he’d like to join the band.

As of today, Midnight Fusic has been performing for various events in and outside Kuala Lumpur, writing and composing their own music for a little over two years. The band has garnered 22,000 fans across 56 countries through their first single and has received 4,000 hours of airplay on Spotify alone.

Midnight Fusic is also bringing their sound to a fuller spectrum with a debut EP planned for the first quarter of 2018- in the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out their upcoming gigs for the year to see them live! In addition to that, they also have a music video for Lovesick

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