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Put your life on hold and listen to Zamaera’s “Still Callin”!

After rocketing herself into the higher ranks of the Malaysian hip-hop scene through her hits “Helly Kelly” and “Wanita“, Zamaera hits back with her first and latest single of the year titled “Still Callin“, which proves to be as infectious and even more hard-hitting than the last!

Produced by Aziquebeats, “Still Callin” takes on an 808 progression that falls back on her hip-hop roots, with flows that are inspired by fellow rappers Eminem and Busta Rhymes. What makes the single also special is Zamaera‘s signature rhythmic alliteration that intertwines smoothly around an electronic bass line.

(Source: The Level MY)
(Source: The Level MY)

Compared to her previous tracks, (the infamous Helly Kelly and the empowering Wanita), Zamaera takes a step into an almost aggressive stance, with enough nonchalance to still sound witty to fault, but it’s still a good track nonetheless!

She showcases more than her boss-lady attitude and takes the song to a more grittier edge with a harder beat- “Still Callin” is infused with a lot more of unforgiving lyricism, laced with edge and attitude. She’s throwing out bones out at the dogs who are coming for her with no remorse and at this point, I’m definitely here for it.


If you’re hoping to catch her at a gig or to stay tuned for any other updates, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, youtube and twitter!

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