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‘Think Big Big’ is Ola Bola Creator’s new film about self-love and self-acceptance

Chiu Keng Guan is set to release a film with such colour and vibrancy on 15 February. Based on what we know, Chiu aims to continue his trademark of creating inspiring movies with family values!

Teaser for Think Big Big

Think Big Big is a story produced by Astro Shaw, Golden Screen Cinemas, Multimedia Entertainment and MM2 Entertainment, about Moon, who has always dreamed of going to space and becoming an astronaut. She has grown up in a relatively carefree life with loving and supportive parents and finds joy in bringing happiness to everyone through her job as a mascot talent. Things start to turn for the worst when Moon finds herself in a lot of debt.

Moon Yoong
Moon Yoong

More than just the story of Moon, Think Big Big also explores the wholesome nature of friendship as it also ventures into the struggles and personalities of Moon’s close companions, also . For instance, Serene Lim, winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016 , plays the role of a conventionally beautiful person who always worries about what people say about her on the Internet. The cast also includes Fabian Loo, Moon Yoong, Vivienne Oon, Ruby Yap and Keigrey Kam. Chiu sticks to his trend of unconventional casting as evident in this ensemble.

Serene Lim

Chiu claims that one of the most interesting things about Think Big Big is in how it approaches the theme of ‘Be Yourself’, especially through the lens of a world where social media has changed us as people in a really big way.

Think Big Big will resonate strongly with majority of audiences as it highlights the beauty standards that are set in today’s society – Chiu

As stated, Chiu’s inspiration for the plot goes back all the way to 1986. He came upon an autobiography of Taylor Gun-Jin Wang, a Chinese born American scientist who became the first ethnic Chinese person to go into space. This stellar story about an astronaut became the main soul for Think Big Big.

Director, Chiu Keng Guan
Director, Chiu Keng Guan

“This is a story of loving yourself unconditionally, and not just the perfect shining outer self. Think Big Big will resonate strongly with majority of audiences as it highlights the beauty standards that are set in today’s society. As the story develops, I hope it will spur audiences to believe in themselves and their dreams despite others’ opinions,” says Chiu.

It’s no surprise that the fim so far looks bright and colourful, since Chiu has reunited with cinematographer, Yong Choon Lin and art director, Soon Yong Chow, from his Chinese New Year movies WooHoo! (2010) and Great Day (2011).  Local powerhouse artists include Nicole Lai and Bell Yu who have contributed to the movie soundtracks for Da Da and Wo Men respectively.

There’s a lot of heart in the message that Chiu tries to deliver in this film. Although some parts of the trailer does show a bit of slapstick humour that might fall into too much unnecessary cheese – we have a lot of hope for this Think Big Big. Bigger dreams abound from the man who brought us Ola Bola – a possible good start to the first half of 2018.

To find out more about the film, follow #ThinkBigBig on social media.

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