OCD: Theatre to spark conversation about mental health

Weaving a personal account of life experience into a conversation about mental health- Ho Lee Ching makes her directorial debut with a poignant theatre piece titled “OCD” happening from the 25th to the 28th of January, 2018!

According to an interview held by BFM with Dr. Shane Varman; OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects 1 to 2% of Malaysians and can happen to people all genders and races, specifically prevalent in males aged from 6 to 15 years old, and for females between 20 to 26 years of age.

The thriving of life through fear, shame, and triumph

IMG_7117For many diagnosed with the disorder, daily and social life becomes a challenging ordeal, especially with family members, friends and even strangers who aren’t informed of the complex severity of OCD. What many may only know of OCD as just urban slang for a particular need for tidiness are often unaware of the reality that victims go through each day.

Ho’s testament proves to be a beautiful portrayal of awareness through theatre- “OCD” brings a more insightful and honest look into the lives of the people in these stories, with the intention of breaking negative and inaccurate perceptions about the disorder for fellow Malaysians.

The stigma cuts both ways- it keeps you away from people and people away from you.” – Ho Lee Ching

Collaborating with musicians and KLPAC’s finest

OCD-mag-2 okThe Actor’s Studio Seni Teater Rakyat will be staging “OCD” under Ho’s direction and will be starring four fellow T4YP (Theatre for young people) programme graduates; Amanda Xavier, Emma Megan Khoo, Jun Vinh Teoh and Riena Aisya through a collaborative process alongside musicians; Coebar Abel as the play’s music director and Ian Francis (The Filters) to be providing live music throughout the entire play.

PF MUSICIANSThe Actor’s Studios 30th Anniversary, “OCD” will be the opening play for over 30 other productions all the way until 2019. Other than celebrating the TAS’s anniversary, “OCD” plays a role to create awareness for a message that will be shared among viewers and supporters of the year-long celebration.

The play will also be performed in English as well as Bahasa Melayu, for a wider range of audiences and will be staged at Pentas 2 KLPAC later this month.

If you’re interested or know any friends who might enjoy watching this play, here are some links that may provide more information for you!

Facebook: Facebook OCD KLPAC

KLPAC Box Office: www.klpac.org

Ticketpro: Ticketpro.com

OCD_2018_3_LR_FB ad

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