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The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival is back!

As of the 8th of January 2018– the star-studded 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival is back this year; presenting the screening list, as well as the final list of nominees for the Malaysian Golden Global Award (MGGA)! 

Starting off with the Best Actress category are fellow nominees Sylvia Cheng (Shuttle Life), Vicky Chen (Angels wear white), Leena Alam (A letter to the President), Daphne Low (AQERAT) and Geunyoung Moon (Glass Garden); and competing for the Best Actor category are In-Sung Jo (The King), Jack Tan (Shuttle Life), Thaneth Warakulnuroh (Pop Aye), Bamboo Chen (The Great Buddha+) and Hamed Behad (Blockage).

competition film (1)

Throughout the period of the film festival, other events that will be taking place are master classes, Q&A sessions, and forums by industry professionals for film enthusiasts, budding filmmakers and more!

Heading the diverse jury panel for the Malaysia Golden Global Awards this year will be the multi-awarded Filipino director Brillante Mendoza; along with five other jury members comprising of renowned vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung (Scent of Green Papaya, Norwegian Wood and Eternity), prominent Hong Kong filmmaker Patrick Tam (After This Our Exile), Taiwanese actress and producer Lee Lieh (Jump Ashin! Monga), Indian actress Suhasini Maniratnam (Bandhana, Suprabhata and Indira), Malaysian director Dani Said (Interchange) and the newly elected 7th jury Naomi Kawase. 

Jury Poster

Introducing three new categories at the MIFFEST 2017 & Let’s Watch Movie appointment

Pic4With the aim to enhance the variety of movie genre recognition, the installment of three new categories being Southeast Asian Focus, World Cinema and Female Filmmakers in Focus were added; especially with the FFF category implemented to further recognize and shed the spotlight on female talent in cinema, as this is in accordance with the current support and allying of feminism within the global film industry.

Other than the newly added categories, Malaysian actor Jack Tan was appointed as the Let’s Watch Movie Icon by MIFFEST of the year to gain more publicity and support for the festival.

MIFFEST plans to promote the festival towards the younger generations; as their aim is to further nurture and create a new generation of aspiring filmmakers, enthusiasts, and talents. A sharing session organized by MIFFEST and the Chinese Film Association (CFAM) by the CEO of the Taipei Golden Horse Awards- Wen Tien Hsiang will take place on the 20th of January, 2018 at the Han Chiang Unversity of Communication.


To find out more, go to their website 

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