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CENDANA: A solution for your art funding needs

Need help with financing your crowdfunding project or your creative endeavors? CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency) is an organization that you should definitely consider to help out with funding your next big venture in 2018!

(Source: CENDANA Malaysia Facebook)
(Source: CENDANA Malaysia Facebook)


As of September 2017, CENDANA rolls out the first of its programs known as Emerging Artists Incubation Program as a means to support; the creation, adaption or re-development of local artistic content that engages with audiences here and abroad!

Creating a healthier ecosystem for the arts

The Emerging Artists Incubation Program was conceived through the importance of building an authentic,  viable, and innovative cultural economy for the country by investing resources to these three strategic pillars:

  • Energizing the arts
  • Empowering our communities
  • Reorganizing policies

The three art sectors such as the performing arts may encompass either traditional or contemporary work that includes theatre, dance, and music; visual art would be of drawing, ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design or photography; and independent music – which can either be produced independently from major commercial labels or their subsidiaries.

Strengthening bonds between local and international talent

CENDANA works as an agent that connects both the artistic drive and the resources needed such as time and space for fellow local artists to further develop and hone their crafts prompting both veterans and amateurs to dig deep into themselves to conjure up passionate and profound works of art. By nurturing local creatives with a strong support system and a healthy environment we can truly harness the potential of Malaysian art that transgress not just local audiences, but out onto the world stage as well.

Fair access to opportunities is a critical issue facing our arts communities today – Izan Satrina, Founding CEO of CENDANA

How does this benefit you?

For creators of art, this is where the information stated may be useful to you! Starting on the 2nd of January 2018, CENDANA opens its applications for performing artists, visual artists, and independent musicians to apply for a grant to help pursue future projects!

  • Up to RM30,000 is offered to successful applicants

This scheme was fixed to ensure itself as one of the many efforts to empower artistic communities and to ensure the quality of local art in Malaysia!

(Source: CENDANA Malaysia Facebook)
(Source: CENDANA Malaysia Facebook)

To find out more, click to learn more about the organization and the funding program that they’re offering! Featured image is by Kakiseni from the launch of children’s book Shadows

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