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ArtTech KL, breaking new grounds in new media art

Granular, eclectic and effortlessly innovative- Nollyz presents ArtTech KL; which is a platform that targets Malaysians who are into the New Media Art industry! They will be hosting various events such as talks, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions on the 10th of December 2017 at Slate @ The Row.

The first installment of ArtTech KL will explore the development and discourse of progress of new media art in Malaysia, with a panel discussion, with the presence of local and international panelists. The idea was conceived to create exposure for New Media Art in Malaysia- where more people have the opportunity to push boundaries and create groundbreaking works that will, in turn, benefit our society in the long run.

Our local potential has yet to bloom through these objectives, which you may learn from ArtTech KL 2017;

  • Introduction and exposure to NMA
  • Transform society in different aspects of developed countries
  • Understand the state of new media art in Malaysia
  • Understand the local market or demand for new media art
  • Exchange knowledge between countries
  • Encouraging collaborations and build relationships between countries

There will also be a mini-exhibition during the event displaying artworks such as interactive installations and projection mapping by the team!

Co-curator and Moderator

(Takashi Aiman)
(Takashi Aiman)

Takashi Aiman (MY) 

His works:

Takashi Aiman is a new media artist, graphic designer, and DJ. He is also the founder of The Tomoe, a Malaysian creative solution and multimedia visual collective.

As a graphic designer, he has contributed a lot to the underground electronic music scene and organized some creative talk sessions in his university. In 2013, he represented Malaysia in the JENESYS 2.0 program, a student exchange/learning trip to Japan.

He debuted his first official DJ set when he was still 19 (using the moniker of TKI). Till then, he have played alongside artist like Mushroom Buttons (MY), CEE (MY), Kiat (SG), CherryChan (SG), Jean Reiki (SG), Puzzle (DE), Able8 (AUS), Mono / Poly (US), Uncon Sci (US), Daedelus (US), Phon.o (DE), Slo-Lo (VN), Sauce81 (JP) and more.

Guest panelists

(Lim Kok Yoong)
(Lim Kok Yoong)

Lim Kok Yoong (MY)

His works:

Most of his works are not confined to any specific medium but often take the form of installation.

His works investigate the mind, the media environments and material processes through theoretical and practice-based work, drew on my interest in the metaphysical dimension of technology, perceptions of time and space and consciousness. He is currently an assistant professor at Soongsil University, South Korea. His current research interest is to explore the role and potential of locative media to investigate different layers of reality above our familiar environment, which is not only virtual but also cognitional and philosophical.

His other research interests include digital archiving, digital mapping and media curation.

(Tsa Meera)
(Tsa Meera)

 Tsa Meera (MY)

Her works:

A nature lover and art enthusiast who loves to experiments visual artistry from analog to digital. She aims to merge traditional art practices with digital technology transforming into visual metaphors.

As a practicing artist, she has collaborated and worked closely on making props, painting, illustrations, experiments, live video projections, and music videos for a number of workshops, creative events, art collective and artists like Liyana Fizi, Ferns, Pastel Lite, Jack In the Box Penang, We Are Kix, Converse Jamboree, ASWARA, DA+C Festival.

Received her education in Multimedia University with a Bachelor in Multimedia (Hons) Digital Media (now known as Media Arts), she intended to pursue her interest in the mysteries of life, science and art, while encouraging people to love and celebrate themselves; their talents and multiple intelligence within their own means, with passion and creativity.

(Fumihiko Sano)
(Fumihiko Sano)

Fumihiko Sano (JP)

His works:

Fumihiko Sano was born in 1981 in Nara, Japan. He is an architect and artist in a construction company dealing with traditional Japanese styles.

Having a background as a carpenter, he studied various techniques, materials, and culture during his work. He has been involved in building and designing Japanese tearooms, restaurants, hotels, the State Guesthouse and many more.

In 2011, he established his own company Fumihiko Sano studio PHENOMENON.

He likes dealing with designs and installations by making the best out of what he has learned as a carpenter, exploring how the knowledge he gained can work in harmony with the modern scene of the industry today.

If you are interested in attending the event, here’s a few links for you to get more information!


Crox Lab:

FB event page:

Featured image is of Tsa Meera’s work.

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