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Sembang Soda Episode 7: Pastel Lite

Feisty heartbreaks, stratospheric-bedroom feelings, and 80’s inspired ballads personified; this is Pastel Lite. Today we bring you Malaysia’s electro duo darlings Eff Hakim and Muhd Faliq to talk about their album Baladatheir rollercoaster journey as a band (sometimes involving fire), as well as the pumping innovation behind their music!

Pastel Lite - (Credits to: Zel-Atif)
Pastel Lite – (Credits: Zel-Atif)

Behind the enigma of their stage personas, are two humble creators who come from different scenes to conceive the brainchild Pastel Lite, of which many adore today. Album-wise, they share plenty of moments behind the process of creating the album and the journey of making their Malay songs “Aneh” and “Masa Kita” too.  An MV was produced for the song “Damsel” that was released just recently!

Having festival performances, opening shows for concerts and an album under their belts, they constantly strive to improve on the music; to find the “next best thing” achievable with their talent.

The maturity through Faliq’s ever-evolving genius and Eff’s sonic palate shines brightly in Balada are shown in their stories – which is not as straightforward as the listener may think. Take a dive into Pastel Lite’s visions, influences, odes and dreams as they unravel the album down to its foundations!

Part 1: The accidental theme of the 80s,’ studio terbakar’ apocalypse, and finding the Malay sound

In this section, we talk about the differences between the Etcetera EP and album Balada; how the unlikely inspirations behind the general theme come from playlists from another era, which formed the backbone behind the songs. Eff and Faliq also share personal moments which contributed to the song Zenith and insight to the modern day perception of Malay music.


“Hah! Padahal EDM tu benda yang aku benci kot” – Faliq

“Oh you want a Malay song so much ah dad. I’m gonna write one in your voice” – Eff

Part 2: Local music heroes, defining genres, Yuna Room Records and touring overseas!

Pastel Lite mentions their influences and how a certain musician helped Eff shaped her tone and voice for the Malay songs on the album. Despite the member’s initial backgrounds, we discover how the genre of their music came to be and the initial perceptions of what a ‘band’ is in Malaysia. They share some funny anecdotes, such as random food fights started between Jungle and meeting Mac DeMarco during their show at Laneway, Singapore. Also find out what Eff and Faliq’s favourite bands were when they were 13!


-” Hujan, I know this is so late to say this, but Hujan saved my life when I was writing this album” – Eff

“”Eh Faliq kau tahu korang bukan band sebab korang main dengan laptop”. Aku macam “wei, korang dig band sampai mana?” Tapi Faliq ambik side positif. “Oh, makin kau tak faham, meh aku ajar kau”” – Faliq

-“Yeah and then even as a female-fronted thing, ada people who don’t know where to place me because time tu, there was the Paramore phase” – Eff

Sembang Soda is made possible by our amazing friends from TAPAUtv. Follow Pastel Lite on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also check out their latest album Balada on Spotify! They will also be performing at Cyberjaya Music Festival 2017 on the 25th of November!

CMF17 Official_Main Poster

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