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Woohoo! Paperplane Pursuit’s fun new music video is out!

Back again with an explosion of colors, beautiful aesthetics, and feel-good music; Paperplane Pursuit team up with automobile company Mini to produce a music video for their latest single “Woohoo” from their album Second Date!

22450021_10155486976956928_6649387245601150520_nFollowing their album’s concept, “Woohoo” retains that pastel and bright-like ambiance in this video, but brings the listener on an adventure as the band like no other.

The song is an invitation to the more fun aspects of life, unlike the satirical depths of “Internet Celebrity“- the latest single is more about long winding roads, good company, and a spontaneous road trip to the outdoors or in the urban city!

22728845_10155507951676928_7391560923237851940_nThe video’s artistry remains simple but has these gorgeous visuals to further enhance the song’s message. The feel of the track is reminiscent to Paperplane Pursuit’s “Feel Good” and “Beat of your love“, which brings back their more fast-paced and playful sound.

Their main drive behind the song is the positive and cheerful impacts that their listeners take from their music- and how it’s translated into a song that brightens up the feelings of their fans.

Being huge advocates as a DIY band, the music video is considered a “huge milestone and a celebration” of local talent, and that Malaysians are truly capable of creating art that can reach people near and far. It is a well-produced video that’s surely made with lots of love for their fans to be enjoyed by all.

If you’re interested to know more about Paperplane Pursuit‘s music and what we at Daily Seni, thought of their album Second Date, you are more than welcome to read up about it here!

To catch a flight for any of their upcoming gigs, check them out here!




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