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Johor Bahru Writers & Film Festival ’17: 6 Reasons to be there!

If traveling up north to the capital city for a decent art festival can be rather tedious even for a road trip- we’ve got news for everyone, especially Johorians! The Writers and Film Festival 2017 is an 8-day literary and film spectacle that brings a newfound love and education for the arts, by bringing the best of Malaysia and artists from around the world to your doorstep from the 20th of to the 28th of October, 2017.

Nestled in the heart of Johor Bahru, TWFF 2017 merges awesome art, poetry, drama, literature, zine & filmmaking into an immersive assemblage that should definitely be on your Go-To-List for events happening this year! We at Daily Seni have compiled 6 Reasons that make this event exceptional, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading through this list as much as we had fun writing about it!

91. An Art Exhibition about the beauty of language! (18th-28th of Oct)

Headed by Sarah Ahmad and Gianluca Menini, these two artists dig deep into the art of language and are putting up an event long display at Big Bites Cafe, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee .

Kata-kata 2100 is inspired by the rediscovery of what shapes our Malaysian language- from our roots to the multitude of influences absorbed throughout centuries of historical and cultural experiences.1 It hopes to illustrate the many ways that language can play in a person’s social identity in the world and what how its roles can depict the course of human communications, interactions, habits, and behaviors that we have. Aesthetics and visuals wise, you’ll find yourself captivated by their tasteful designs that are vocally charged with information about the messages its art makes.

Kata-kata 2100 will have free entry and is open to festival goers of all ages! So bring out your friends and family for a wonderful day at the exhibition, snap some photos for your feed and grab a quick bite before heading over to other parts of the festival!

a25c0d_312955a127164ebb8942799b5b692b90-mv2_d_1920_1920_s_22. Local literature galore at a book fair! (20th-21st of October)

You don’t need to wait for the next Big Bad Wolf at the end of the year to get your novel fix- Jendela Fiksyen & Poetic Vibes is a 2-day book fair that taking place at Roost, Repurposed & Recycled from 12.00pm to 7.00pm.

This is your chance to get your hands on the latest collection of local literature; zines, novels, and essays by featured publishers like Republik Buku, DePress Art, Penerbitan Langit, ProjekBuku, IndieGo Press, Comicore Club, Legasi Oakheart and Negara Buku!

8b820876e637cfc3400373738947a8aa At the end of the second day of the fair, stay on until 8.00pm to experience some spoken word by local poets, featuring Rahmat Haron, Benz, Teasipee, Haru, Lazuli, Farahanem, Syed Ahmad, Fath Fatish, Wak Kang, and Samad Zyn!

If it’s your first time in the local poetry scene, why not try out something awesome and new? If not, come and support your fellow Malaysian poets and the local poetry scene at the showcase by showing them some love!

ph083. Learn about Rakugo; Japanese comedic storytelling!

In celebrating 60 years of Malaysia-Japan diplomatic relations, The Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia have brought over Diane Kichijistu; an English Rakugo practitioner over to Johor Bahru to share the expressive traditional art of comedic storytelling!

On the 27th Oct at 5.00pm, she will be performing at Big Bites Cafe that’s free admission (however, you should register if you are interested! You may do so here: (

FB_A_T5Diane Kichijitsu hails from Liverpool, England and is a popular performer of the Japanese traditional art of comic storytelling known as Rakugo, entertaining audiences with stories in both English and Japanese.

Her performances are highly rated for their mix of humorous anecdotes drawn from her travels in over fifty countries, her surprising encounters in Japan, and her keen observations of cultural differences.

22195589_10214169822062243_978168860665316496_n4. Get your creative caps on for workshops!

Festival-goers are going to be spoiled for choice, as The Writers and Film Festival 2017 has an impressive line of workshops to attend to! From zine crafting to guerrilla filmmaking, these 6 workshops are bound to bring an awesome time for those attending!

21686097_10155685148402433_1245116003630166432_nConducting the writing workshops are Lim Soon Heng and Gina Yap Lai Yoong, who are both seasoned writers in the publishing and teaching field. As Lim’s teachings go, “You’ll learn to write using your own verbal bricks and mortar, mixing your own cement – so as to reveal the kind of home you’re inviting your reader into.”

If you’re interested in Zine-making, look no further because Farel Omar is just the man to look for. This workshop will explore the joy of zine making, and will introduce different types of zines that people can create to promote hobbies, interests, passions and even businesses.

Dive into the world of film by participating in the Guerilla Filmmaking Workshop or join Howard J. Smith and learn the tricks of the trade from critically-acclaimed British director of photography and camera operator, Howard J. Smith, who is known for his camera work on The Matrix series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and many more!

To sign up for these workshops, please click here! :

22279899_1322683801174628_2970049432215035881_n5. Featured films from around the world and more! (26th Oct-28th Oct 2017)

Get a taste of the world with some films that will be screening at Broadway Theatre in Sengget! The featured films that will be showing are Anak Merdeka (Malaysia), Mameshiba/幼獣マメシバ (Japan), Jalal’s Story (Bangladesh), Pedro Paramo (Mexico), Divided We Fall (Czech Republic), Apprentice (Singapore), Tabula Rasa (Indonesia), Song of Tiber (China) and Rock Bro! (Malaysia).

22366344_1322682847841390_2988805763306876004_nTo celebrate the beauty of the films, The Writers and Film Festival 2017 has selected a wide range of movies to show the world of cinema, exposing stories of people from all walks of life. The diversity of identity in films in major films is yet a rather undiscovered segment, although the way people and film are portrayed in the recent years has changed drastically. To grasp a more comprehensive outlook on how films are made throughout the globe, and what about these stories that truly portrays the human spirit.

Although that may be so, films that aren’t mainstream can definitely be blockbusters and contain heart, grit, and beauty. To grasp a more comprehensive outlook on how films are made throughout the globe, and what about these stories that truly portrays the human spirit- is to appreciate the films by seeing them yourself.

 To purchase tickets, you may click the link here! :

6. https-cdn.evbuc.comimages351665721783412739411originalShakespeare Demystified: Macbeth (20th Oct-21st Oct 2017)

Happening on the 20th and 21st of October at Amari, Johor Bahru from 8.00PM to 10.00PM,  Shakespeare Demystified: MACBETH features five actors, stretched across more than 20 roles. Utilising a minimal set, uncomplicated lighting and live music, the production focuses on the actors’ skills and the audience’s imaginative interaction to enliven Shakespeare’s words.

21616553_1689553234390165_1630295237673092406_nThis is the seventh production under the Shakespeare Demystified (SD) series. The weaving of scenes in Shakespeare’s language with narration in contemporary English has proved to make the Bard accessible to young audiences.

For many, the SDS series is a joyful and lovely experience, that caters well to both children and adults. Should choose anything to watch- this might be just the right amount of fun, learning and quality time!

To purchase tickets to watch the show, please click here! :


To get more information, you may check out these links provided below!

Facebook event:

Official site:


See you there!

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