MPYO & Friends: The old meets the new, RTM Orchestra join forces with youth orchestra for an extravaganza!

Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) continues its 10th anniversary celebration with a pioneering collaboration with RTM Orchestra (or Orkestra Radio Televisyen Malaysia). The celebration is made more spectacular with legends like  Adibah Noor and Dato’ Jamal Abdillah gracing the stage, as the history and beauty of orchestra is presented with all grandiose – appealing to lovers of the classic and the contemporary! This collaboration scheduled on Saturday, 7 October 2017 and Sunday, 8 October 2017 at 8.30 pm at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP), KLCC. Buy tickets here!

NO 2
Orkestra RTM with Dato’ Mokhzani Ismail in the centre

Legends of RTM Orchestra

When it comes our extensive cultural heritage, one of the surest ways to preserve our traditions is through youth outreach. When the young cherish history, it becomes easier to protect and proliferate. RTM Orchestra – recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as the longest-running orchestra – is a tour de force of international stature. They have presented mega-concerts abroad and joined music festivals such as JAVA Jazz Festival in Jakartas and has evolved through the times from its humble origins of hiring performers through music clubs, to becoming a prestigious institution of supremely professional standards since it’s inception in 1961.

Dato’ Mokhzani Ismail, artistic director of the showcase, talks about the constant effort put into promotion and recruitment,/”We need to find players with qualification AND talent. I came in 1990, where I had to survive with self-taught musicians who all have different characters and approach. You know how musicians are *laughs*. But now I’m quiet comfortable with the way things where on top of their qualification they are also talented”

The young and the bold

Members of Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. All of them are below the age of 25
Members of Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. All of them are below the age of 25

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this collaboration is MPYO (Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra); an orchestra full of vibrant enthusiasm and energy. Established since 2006, they have grown on a meteoric trajectory. With its current 98 members, the MPYO aims to nurture and encourage young musicians in their passion and integrate them into a highly skilled ensemble.

In their short span of existence, they already boast a portfolio of musicianship, showcasing all around Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak, Singapore and Brisbane, Australia. “One of the reasons why we do this is to reach out to society, and tell them that although we are not similar to other forms of entertainment, we are a wonderful pastime for people of all backgrounds. A place you can bring your family to on the weekend”, said Leonard Yap of RTM Orchestra.

The true heroes are musicians

Dato’ Jamal Abdillah

In these concerts, the MPYO and RTM Orchestra will collaborate with renowned singers such as the charismatic Dato’ Jamal Abdillah, the mesmerizing Adibah Noor and jazz legend from Indonesia, Harvey Malaihollo, through a memorable repertoire which consists of songs such as Dia, Jerat, Hujan, Begitulah Cinta, Kau Lupa Janji, Samrah Mentari and Ghazal Untuk Rabiah. Other songs to be included in the concerts are Jauh Jauh, Airmata Berderai, Suatu Masa, Dark Eyes and We Are One. 

Although fronted by pop singers more familiar to the wider audience, the focus of the collaboration is to highlight the skill and beauty behind the instruments. “It has always been about putting instrumentalists in the limelight. Other countries have people like Kenny G, who can sell out concerts by himself even though he only plays the saxophone. We have so much amazing talent here, it’s time to put our instrumentalists in the spotlight”, said Dato’ Mokhzani.

Adibah Noor
Adibah Noor

What better way to increase appreciation towards our musicians by showcasing what our orchestra can do, the young and the old, as they play songs from different genres, such as jazz, big band and more. while performing the grand music pieces familiar to the collective memory of us as Malaysians. Travel through time and genres through this concert led by MPYO’s Ahmad Muriz Che Rose and RTM’s Leonard Yeap while Dato’ Mokhzani Ismail curate it through his artistic direction. If all of this seems elitist and detached to you, there’s been an increasing of audience participation by youth at these concerts.

“We do get young people, and since we relaxed our dress code a while ago, more and more of them come to watch our shows and express genuine interest in it. We showcase the lives of our performers whom are active on social media, and constantly add variety to our calendar”, said Ahmad Muriz.

It might not be the golden age of orchestra in Malaysia, but there’s a rising sun beckoning for a newer, brighter dawn. Come see that splendour at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas this weekend!

Buy the tickets for this concert by clicking on this link!




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