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Kau Takdirku Gala Night: Sea of Love

That’s cool! I comprehended when I saw the green backdrop behind the guests 7kautakdirku02posing at the camera and the final image presented on a small screen where their figures would be captured with the film’s characters as if they too were part of the movie. It was a fun way for the visitors, media and film crew who were invited to the premiere of Kau Takdirku to commemorate their moments at the gala night at eCurve, Damansara. The hallway where the crowd gathered and armed with their movie tickets was decorated with beautiful white tents and bright lights to imitate that of a romantic gateway near the beach which seems to be the theme of the film.


181116LTpg4pix2.transformedKau Takdirku is obviously a love story from the poster of the brooding Remy Ishak, the longing Bront Palarae and the trapped Ezzaty Abdullah hinting at the web of a love triangle between the main characters. The film centres on Alya (Ezzaty Abdullah), a student and a sister who is bubbly while her brother, Kamar (Remy Ishak) is a lecturer at the university where Alya and her best friends attend and he is protective of his younger sibling especially when she decided to travel to an island in order to complete her required internship of learning how to dive underwater and collect the necessary data of her lessons. There, she meets Kamar’s old friend, Harris (Bront Palarae) who is notoriously known as a playboy and the story unfolds with their antics and friendship which was not favoured by Kamar hence, the conflict of the three characters began.


During the gala, the presence of collaborator, Media Prima Digital was Kamar_saves_Alia_1.JPG_1497842272undeniable as a group of women were actively promoting a locally produced app called Wanita ready to be downloaded. It’s an app for the ladies (and even men) to monitor their health and diet with tutorial videos and tips featured including a video of actor, Bront Palarae sharing his own advice on practising a healthy lifestyle. There was also the performance of the talented, Datin Alyah who sang the film’s official sountrack, Engkau Milikku which was phenomenal and melodious and it could be predicted that it will be a hit on the local radio stations. Kau Takdirku will be in cinemas starting on the 7th of September 2017 and you can watch the trailer here!

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