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4 things about “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”

The curly hair of an almost bald boy in a yellow shirt and the always sleepy black and white pup is the iconic image of the American comic, Peanuts. Now, the musical, You’re  A Good Man, Charlie Brown will be premiering in Malaysia and it tells of the “lovable loser” protagonist, Charlie Brown who is both pessimistic and optimistic and together with the antics of his dog, Snoopy and friends. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming play;

1) An Award-Winning Musical

There’s a play about Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends? How did they make a musical about a series of comic strips? Well, you may have heard about this show for the first time but it is actually a heavily praised play as it had won accolades like the Grammy, Tony and Drama Desk for both its off and on Broadway performances since it was first performed in 1967, with credit for both music and lyrics attributed to Clark Gesner, based on the characters created by Charlie M. Schulz.

2) On Our Shores

The Malaysian premiere of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (YAGCB) presents anBenjamin Lin as Snoopy exclaimed local cast made out of popular musical theatre performers; Peter Ong, Benjamin Lin, Tria Aziz, Joel Wong, Safia Hanifah and Ivan Chan Atienze. Of course, it takes a whole squad to also make a production successful thus, YAGCB is supported by a proficient team of professionals who are a part of the production and creative crews who include SIFU’s very own award-winning director Freddy Tan, aided by Chinese theatre veteran William Yap, Fly Halizor and Loh Ui Li as Co-Musical Directors, Tunku Atiah acting as Choreographer, BOH Cameronian Arts Award winners Amelia Tan as Lighting Designer and Zen Tan as Set Designer.

3) Tale of the Tail

Join the ever moody yet positive, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, – Snoopy, Lucy, Schroeder, Linus and Sally Brown  as they contemplate and discover the true meaning of being happiness, how to be ‘a good man’ in their own creative antics, all in a day in the life that is really not too different from our own. It is a heartfelt tale that mirrors on the ageless themes of hope, happiness and friendship as the clique eventually learn that in life, all you really have to do is to try your best and make the most of the things given to you in order to be truly happy. Or may be hanging out with your favourite black and white dog!

4) SIFU Productions

Snoopy _ Charlie BrownThis theatre company is founded by Siti Farrah Abdullah, Freddy Tan, and Safia Hanifah. Its aim is to engage, inspire, entertain and educate local audiences by producing professional, breath-taking and relevant performances. Some of their prominent works include  the highly experimental NETMBR play buffet of 30 plays in 60 mins show that played in KL, and in the Singapore as part of the Causeway Exchange Festival (2014) and FIFTEEN – recipient of Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN) National Performing Arts Grant and supported by Kakiseni (2015).



Images courtesy of SIFU Productions. The show will be from 29 – 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 3 – 8 Oct @ 8:30pm, 30 Sep, 1 Oct, 7 – 8 Oct @ 3:00pm at Damansara Performing Arts Centre. Call +603 4065 0001 (DPAC); +6013 3245 444 (SIFU) or purchase your tickets at


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