Tracks of the Week (10/8/2017) (Noh Salleh, Ayda Jebat, Bittersweet)

This week has been a celebration of international music on our shores with DNCE rocking a concert and the Good Vibes Festival bringing globally established indie bands and musicians but, let’s focus our attention closer to home with our list of Tracks of the Week!

Renjana – Noh Salleh (from the re-release of Angin Kencang)

It’s smooth and soulful and such an easy listen on a Sunday morning. But, there is also a darkness lingering on this track that deserves several plays to truly immerse ourselves in the lyrics and of course, coming from Noh Salleh; we can never trust his song to be far from emotional.

Inspire Desire – Bittersweet

Ever dance on the beach wearing big sunglasses, doing the go-go and have your antics recorded by a vintage camera? Well, why don’t you start but, with this tune in the background.

Dan Kali Ini – Hani & Zue

Girl, it’s time to flip that hair (or hijab) with this amazing melody by Hani and Zue. Whether it’s a boy, a girl or just something you’re upset about, play it loud and clear because nothing is as sweet as revenge in a form of pop beats and beautiful vocals.


Adakah Ini – Bil Musa

We’ve been here before; this place where it’s light, everlasting and bursting with colours. It’s a period when we meet someone new, begin a passionate project or reunite with a lost love and Adakah Ini with its quirky and twinkling chirps may bring us back to experience it and question the feeling that accompanies it.

Tunjuk Belang – Monoloque ft Lan & Malique

It has a tune like an olden, traditional song as if we’ve been singing it as our nursery rhymes except this time it’s much more edgy and a bit Phoenix-esque. Definitely don’t expect less from this awe collaboration that commemorates the strength of our athletes in the upcoming SEA Kuala Lumpur 2017.

Ada Kamu – Putera Muhammad

There’s no denying that this track oozes romanticism; vocalist, Putera Muhammad singing with the breathtaking choir can win the heart of any listener. Together with the lyrics that beg for a saving grace, forgiveness of the past and promise of the future; don’t ask how I know but it’s satisfying to cry this out in the stormy rain.

Darling – Elizabeth Tan

The latest song from the Malaysian sweetheart marks the development of her music career with her sweet voice, catchy words and it’s quite different than her previous tunes which enabled her to mature in this industry.


Apa Yang Kau Mahu – Pasca Sini

At first listen, it’s a bit of a mixture of pop and rock. It’s youthful and angsty; just the perfect package for the millenials and it does acknowledge the diverse local music scene.

Come Around – Takeout Boyfriend

It doesn’t take a big voice or too many instruments to make good music, Takeout Boyfriend‘s Come Around is truly unique and it may not be intended but it reminds me of Khalid’s Young and Broke. A suitable song to play during the peak hour in traffic, while hanging out with friends or writing a new poem in the middle of the night.

Mata – Ayda

The singer is synonymous to upbeat songs and a sexy appeal to her sound; accompanied with an engaging video, her recent track just might be one of the most played tunes on the radio for the upcoming few weeks.

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