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Sembang Soda Episode 5: Loque (MonoloQue)

WHO doesn’t know Loque? From his days in Butterfingers to leading the contemporary creative tour de force, MonoloQue, Loque has been a significant figure in the local music scene.

Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa (
Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa (

Despite all that success (and all the book publication and film scores), Loque has remained a humble art practitioner at heart; his passion shining through in his enthusiasm for the music he loves and the heroes he admire. Recently, he and his band collaborated with Malique and Lan for the Malaysian SEA Games for the song Tunjuk Belang, and it truly is a great listen! It is coloured with some of the most beautiful sounds of Malaysia, from Bornean undertones to the spirit of rock and hip hop.

MonoLoque’s latest LP, Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa (our review) is so far the most comprehensive synthesis of all of Loque’s influences, ranging from more experimental ambience to the Nusantara vibe he’s known for. The question is: what exactly are his influences?

To find out, we do a little time traveling by talking to Loque and find out what made him the person he is today. Whatever you feel about Loque and his work, his encyclopedic love for all things music will take you on a really cool ride. If you wanna talk about grunge, punk rock and Dondang Sayang all in one conversation, what better man to banter with than this former member of Butterfingers and eternal lover of P. Ramlee?

Butterfingers (Loque is second from the left)
Butterfingers (Loque is second from the left) (Source: Wikipedia)

So take off your tengkolok or tanjak, make yourself comfortable, and check out our latest episode of Sembang Soda!

Part 1: Self-discovery in the US, the meaning of  ‘Nusantara’, & his ex-girlfriend

Find out how Loque overcame his writer’s block by going to the US and basically resetting himself from zero. He also shares some funny and lighthearted moments too! It’s more than just talking, as Loque demonstrates on his guitar what is distinct about the ‘Nusantara’ sound and the genius of Allahyarham, Tan Sri P. Ramlee.


-“There was a time when the band (Butterfingers) wasn’t doing good during the Ruffedge punya era. Kononnya masa tu all the rock gods dah hancur”

-“Purists or haters will always be there. Zaman internet, zaman tok kadok. They will always be there”


1) John Cage (11:36)
2) Duke Ellington, an artist from the Real Book (11:59)
3) Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (12:20)
4) Arnold Schoenberg (12:40)
5) R. Azmi (13:10)
6) Rindu Dendam – R. Azmi (13:52)
7) Dondang Sayang (14:23)
8) Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead) (21:20)

Part 2: Nirvana, meeting Emmett, & kerohanian

In this part we talk a little bit about Loque’s favourite albums, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers song that bonded him and Emmett (who would eventually become Butterfingers) in a distant past where you can’t simply Google for tabs to songs you want to learn.


– “I mean I like the [P. Ramlee] hits jugak, tapi boring gila dengar orang cakap  “P. Ramlee? Oh yeah! Getaran Jiwa! It’s like “Kurt Cobain? Oh, Smells Like Teen Spirit!”

– *points to Nirvana’s album, Nevermind* “This is the birth of Loque”

1) Beautiful Girl – Tommy Page (1:05)
2) In the Flesh – Pink Floyd (1:29)
3) Live in Berlin 1990 – Roger Waters (2:39)
4) Mengapa Riang Ria – P. Ramlee & Normadiah (3:50)
5) Tidurku di Rumput yang Basah – P. Ramlee (3:55) (link is a cover by Khahar Hamid)
6) Zubir Said (4:24)
7) Ummagamma – Pink Floyd (5:28)
8) Syd Barrett (5:30) (Song featured is Interstellar Overdrive. A song by Pink Floyd when Syd Barrett was still in the band. It was also featured in Dr. Strange (2016))
9) Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chili Peppers (6:08)
10) Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers (6:28)
11) John Frusciante (guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers) (7:31)
12) Funky Monks – Red Hot Chili Peppers (7:41)
13) Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (8:09) (A song from Stadium Arcadium’s, RHCP’s 9th studio album
14) Sir Psycho Sexy – Red Hot Chili Peppers (8:46)
15) Lounge Act – Nirvana (9:41)
16) Enter Sandman – Metallica (10:12)
17) Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies (11:12)
18) Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana (11:20)
19) Stone Temple Pilots (12:11)
20) Sex Pistols (13:28)
21) Buzzcocks (13:29)
22) Mak Inang (13:40)
23) Seri Mersing (14:27)
24) Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa – MonoloQue (15:06)
25) Slagi Ada Waktu – MonoloQue (15:21)
26) Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna (ft. Tomok) – MonoloQue (15:52)
27) Pelita by A.P.I. (18:04)
28) RINGGIT- MonoloQue (End Intro)

Sembang Soda is made possible by our amazing friends from TAPAUtv. Go to and buy yourself their latest album, Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa. Whatever the title suggests, this album is so far from ‘mengecewakan’. You can also check out his latest song with Tomok, Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna!

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