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Good Vibes Festival 2017: Jaggfuzzbeats talks about being rempits and burning pants

Coming from Shah Alam, Jaggfuzzbeats is a band with a dream. They are a garage rock outfit that aimin to break free from conventional pop structures while refurbishing their indie roots. Azrul (guitarist/vocalist) and Omar (drummer/vocalist) recently released their new EP Rest Now, and since then things just keep getting better for them They will be performing at Good Vibes Festival 2017 alongside other spectacular local acts like Airliftz and Alextbh.

Rest Now is an album that flies through with jangly guitar and Azrul’s nonchalant vocals, but it is also marked by amazing musical moments of amazing guitar solos and simply atmospheric lyricism. If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you’re missing out.

Jaggfuzzbeats Rest Now EP
Rest Now EP

In conjunction with Good Vibes, we got to talk to the duo about being considered rempit, their love for Kings of Leon and writing songs about moving on. Watch the video below!

Getting to Know: Jaggfuzzbeats

Find out more about Good Vibes at and buy tickets. The lineup for this year is filled with amazing artists!


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