Tracks of the week (29/7/2017) (Kayczar, Falla Zully, Fazura, Black)

Happy Saturday everyone! Want some new local songs to add to your weekend playlist? Our Tracks of the Week this week features a rough-edged and hard-hitting rap song, a debut single by upcoming artist Falla Zully, legendary contemporary singer, Black and Fazura. Again. Fazura again. We give you our thoughts on them as per tradition. Tell us what you think!

Machas Don’t Cry – Kayczar

nameless kayczar

The slow-mo guitar licks & the “watch-out-for-your-girl-or-I-might-bring-her-on-my-tour” attitude makes Machas Don’t Cry a good listen. Kayczar sticks to his smooth but punchy flow, although not as hard-hitting or sharp as his other tracks (e.g. Perfect). The song really builds up after 1:46, what with the Malay switch-up and fast-spitting, but because this song is pretty short, you don’t really feel it when it hits you. After several listens you get the sense that the gangsta-noir vibe seems to underscore the whole song, and coupled with that macho, feel-no-pain lyricism, it’s got potential – even if it still leaves a lot for wanting

3 CF

Sakit Ku Rasa – Black

Sakit Ku Rasa - Black

Black shows his vocal skills once again in Sakit Ku Rasa, in a simple rock ballad about the inner pains of a fading relationship (“Perasaan yang semakin padam”). The singer tries to understand the situation, considers leaving but hesitates about how painful it would be to leave. Not much depth in the lyricism, but still a great song to singalong too. There are little moments of brilliance in this song, like the string section that segues in as the chorus starts and the fiery guitar solo which adds to the epic feel of the track. If you feel like you need to update your Mat & Minah rock playlist, Sakit Ku Rasa would be a wonderful addition.


3 CF

Aku Ada Kamu – Falla Zully

Source: Falla Zully’s Facebook

Do you hear that techno beat in the beginning? What is that? From 2010? Isn’t that a cliche techno staple? You can find in the chorus for Mizz Nina’s breakout single What You Waiting For? That’s a testament to what you should expect from this song – it’s safe, there’s no creative risk, and like the Mizz Nina song, it’s a catchy earworm you’d probably bop your head to anyway if you hear it on the radio. I guess I could see it as a cool theme song for a cliche Malay drama, especially with the simple lyrics. Falla Zully has got a great voice, and that’s just masked instead of complemented by that horribly bland attempt at electro-pop. Check out her beautiful cover of A Thousand Miles with Amir Jahari. She’s got decent talent and still definitely an artist to look out for if only something more exciting comes out in her next single.

2.5 CF

Bisa Apa (OST Hero Seorang Cinderella) – Fazura

Is Bisa Apa a mediocre love song? Yes. Is Fazura‘s singing career here to stay? I guess. Truth be told, her voice has actually gotten progressively better (even if she’s not really belting out her all or showing off any vocal ranges. Sometimes keeping it safe is the best way). Despite being an average song by itself, Bisa Apa actually pushes the film Hero Seorang Cinderella really well. If you’re in the right mood, and the right level of jiwang this song might actually hit you straight through your heart. On a sidenote, if you watch the music video, skip to 1:56 to see Fazura opening her mouth in slow motion for no apparent reason. Who did the editing work for this and why? We may never know.

2.5 CF

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