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What start-ups to expect at IP Kreatif?

IP KREATIF promises to make your weekend vibrant with musical performances, start-up and tech discussions, interactive workshops and heart-stopping art installations! Do come over to Mall of Medini, Iskandar Puteri, Johor from 22 – 23 July for exciting moments and local talents to meet in this festival of wonders. Just to give you a better idea, here are some of the start-ups you can expect to catch at the festival today.

1. Hermo MY is a collection that celebrates splendour and caters unique and trendsetting beauty products for customers thus, making them the bridge for the brand-owners to directly provide their goods and services to loyal consumers. You can also check out and share beauty tips on their site!

2. Holistics Lab supports research, development and commercialisation activities in the organisational, social and technological fields of the Halal Industry. It aims to provide and conserve the quality of products and services in the Halal supply chain as well as expanding the Halal Industry and one of their successful projects is a cloud-based mobile halal auditing apps, QuikHalal.

holistics lab

3. Cool Code Studio founded by Arif Tukiman in 2011 and is a software company that specialises in web, mobile application, mobile games & interactive content development. The studio also headed the Cool Code Academy to encourage students to learn about application development and offer courses such as game development, mobile hybrid development and web application development. Those who wish to train with them can drop them a message on their website!

4. Ever wanted to create your very own web application with ease? Then look no further because Run Cloud is here to manage your servers by provisioning it with the best tweaks and settings available. Deploy web applications without the need to know complicated PHP server configurations and optimizations.

5. Common Extract branches in mobile games development, mobile apps development, gamification and mobile strategy consultancy and so much more. Its diverse portfolio includes an Islamic educational game called , Ummi and a mobile app for The Coronation of HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor. They truly deserved to be honoured at the 1st International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA.

common extract

6. How easy would it be to send photographs to your loved ones free of charge? It’s very easy indeed with Super Lilo which ensures that the photographs are printed in high quality and delivered to anyone you care and admire because the Super Lilo team believes in recapturing the magic of giving and celebrating moments in unique and thoughtful way. Their motto is to make it fun, easy and creative!

7. MTech Holding aids in the revelation of fresh local talents in the tech enterprise by investing in ideas and manage the progress of emerging IT businesses. Here, applications are created, E Commerce start-ups are given a platform to grow, global strategies are exchanged and dreams are acknowledged to revolutionise the Malaysian IT industry.

8. KinV Global realises the need for fast, effective and accurate strategies to help their clients’ business grow. They specialises in providing exclusive business and marketing solutions by supplying chain stores business marketing and branding in a single point of contract (POC). Services provided include, photography, videography, visual designs and many more.

9. GiftGuru is a collection of curated adorable, attentive and heart-warming gift ideas given by their experts to help South East Asians and recommend them the best gifts and products online. Their mission is to focus on traditional culture knowledge and festive supplies that are in abundance in this part of the world where races, religion and cultures are shared.

10. DF Automation and Robotics is where Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are maintained, designed, manufactured and marketed. AGV is more commonly known as “mobile robot” which uses sensors to guide its directions and can be programmed to transport cargo. This will help businesses to further enhance their output in the most cost effective method.df auto

11. Techcare Innovation is an award winning company that looks out for your best interests in terms of health, rehabilitation and fitness. This Johor Bahru based company focuses on technology that aids in smart rehabilitation and developing fitness devices to bring a better life for people through exercising.

12. Many conventional services such as banking have moved to the cloud, this includes real estate. VRgini is a one stop solution for buyers who find it difficult to view properties through a screen. What VRgini does is provide views of the property through the aid of virtual reality. This company proves that maybe the future IS now!

13. Charby solves your dilemma of charging your phone before going to sleep. With Charby branded cables, there is no need to worry about damaging, overheating and overcharging your phone because these charging cables will automatically cut off the power supply to your phone once it’s sufficiently charged.An app is also paired with this cable to help monitor your battery health. Yes please!

df auto

14. Imagineering Institute is the first independent multi-disciplinary internet and digital media research & development (R&D) institute. It is the first research lab in Nusajaya, focusing on internet, digital media, and mixed reality research, while providing an entrepreneurial incubation space for start-ups. It includes imaginative envisioning, future-casting and creative engineering.

15. GarGeon takes the catchphrase “Go Green!” to a whole new level. With GarGeon, you can take pictures of recyclable items you want to dispose of, leave them outside your house and the good people of GarGeon will settle it for you. Recycling has never been this fuss free.

16. The folks at Fish Club aim to deliver to you the freshest seafood there is out there. No more preservatives, no more antibiotics, no more carcinogens. Their trick? Fish Club boats make shorter trips so that your fish do not stay unfrozen for long. Forget about wet markets or supermarkets! Get the better fish delivered to your doorstep!

17. Infinite Logix started as a business providing the traditional break-fix services, the business has since changed it’s direction to becoming a Managed IT Service provider and system integrator in Malaysia. You can count on Infinite Logix to support your entire business and aid at your business help desk.

18. Garuda Robotics is a Singapore based robotics company that specialises in drones, ways to maximise their use and using them to benefit community. Garuda Robotics initiated Garuda Dragonfly– an effort to combat mosquito-borne diseases in Singapore such as dengue. Robotics paired with good intention can never go wrong.


Come to Mall of Medini, Iskandar Puteri from 22 – 23 July to celebrate the movers and shakers in Malaysia’s creative industry, and enjoy music, art, crafts and even free nitrogenated ice cream (siapa cepat dia dapat)! Entry is free. Get more information on IP Kreatif via Facebook!

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