Tracks of the Week (20/7/2017) (Pasca Sini, Monoloque, Tomok, Zizan, SonaOne, Islands)

A TUMULTUOUS WEEK it has been, what with the death of one of mainstream rock and nu-metal’s greats, Linkin Park’s  Chester Bennington. But when mourning his death becomes overwhelming, it is important to note that there is much hope in the local scene for great music too. Take care of yourself, dear readers! Talk to someone about your mental health, don’t be embarrassed by your depression. On another note, we have songs from Monoloque, indie pop-punk outfit Pasca Sini, Islands and even Zizan this week! Check them out and tell us what you think!

Dichotomy – Pasca Sini
Dichotomy Pasca Sini

Pasca Sini takes us back to the sound of the early 2000s with this poignant indie ballad about farewells and the aching pangs of long distance relationships – metaphorical AND physical ones. Although the song itself is pulsated by cliche emo rock riffs, there is something to be said about the lyrics that makes it a worthy song to belt out to a lover long gone while holding on to that desperate desire to move on. The solo after the second minute is pretty reckless and uplifting too, even though simple and brief. The fact that it’s followed by the lyrics “Dont worry, darling it’s okay/I’m trying to get some sleep now” gives this song another layer of poetic edginess.


3 CF

Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna – Monoloque Bersama Tomok


Walaupun berlainan genre, kolaborasi antara Monoloque dan Tomok dalam lagu ini menghasilkan karya yang koheren. Elemen muziknya membawa pendengar ke kayangan nostalgia dan cinta dengan senikatanya yang berciri kerohanian. Malah, ada sesetengah bahagian yang bunyinya berhampiran dengan lagu-lagu nasyid. Muzik video yang mendampingi lagu ini menyumbang kepada atmosfera Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna – dengan perjalanan Monoloque & Tomok merentasi hutan dan juga instrumen-instrumen tradisional walhal usang (cth: Loque bermain dengan gitar buruk beliau). Tapi jika hendak dibandingkan dengan kebanyakan lagu Monoloque yang lebih berseni, Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna sebenarnya lagu yang sederhana sahaja. Tomok juga kurang menyerlah (walaupun nyanyiannya dalam lagu ini sesuai dengan vibe). Secara keseluruhannya, Cinta Yang Paling Sempurna adalah sebuah lagu yang memang semua orang boleh layan, tetapi ia jauh dari sempurna.

3 CF

Sometimes Heroes ft Club Douceur – Islands

Sometimes Heroes is not Islands’s first exposure to international collaborations, and it won’t be their last. They have skirted the boundaries of what shoegazing & lo-fi music can be without vying for much attention; choosing to gather for inspiration from other bands of the same ilk elsewhere. One example of this is their creative partnership with Club Douceur from France. Out of all of those collaborations, Sometimes Heroes has got to be one of the better ones. Starting strong with a fuzzy and catchy riff, the song spirals throughout with a dreamy Dinosaur Jr-like melody. Izelan’s (lead singer of Islands) vocals gel beautifully with Tom Bousquet (lead singer of Club Doucuer) – for the most part.  The song is not as evocative as a lot of Islands’s own solo work, and mostly lies a bit flat. However, Sometimes Heroes is still an indicator of many beautiful songs that might come out in the future.

2.5 CF




Chentaku (ft. SonaOne) – Zizan


There are not that many Malay comedic songs out there that can pass off as adorable and slightly heartwarming too. Zizan carries this track with his signature brand of humour embodied in amazing lyrics and punchlines. (” Jual moto terus beli Myvi/Walau terpaksa makan roti/Janji cinta gua terbukti”). Some of them still straddle the line of cringe and comedy (the verse about rotan *awkward laughter*) but most of the time Zizan makes up for it being really funny elsewhere (the pegang hati line is my favourite). SonaOne‘s contribution makes this song super-charming too, with a chorus that will resonate with so many aspiring lovers and their hopeless crushes. It’s also very well-produced, with beats that can make you smile. We would also like to add that the little comments in the lyrics (like when someone says “Downpayment bayar tau” after the Myvi line) makes this song one of the best things we’ve heard in a while – even if it is just a light-hearted and simple track.

3.5 CF




This article is co-written by Iezahdiyana. Stay up to date with the songs we’ve reviewed this year by following our Spotify playlist!

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