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Wan from The Otherside Orchestra talks band curation, IP Kreatif, and the band’s latest album

JOHOR’s festival of ideas, IP Kreatif, boasts a spectacular lineup. But ever wondered who is the lucky person who decides which bands get to play at a festival? Given the prominent selection of music talent at IP Kreatif this weekend, we caught up with the festival’s lead band curator, Wan.

19990522_10155367642748463_1448707523077244631_nWan happens to be founder of The Otherside Orchestra, a danceable electro rock and roll band which will also be playing at IP Kreatif. The band has grown a loyal fanbase of followers around the country, especially after their latest release.

Though The Otherside Orchestra is hard at work to prepare for their gig at IP Kreatif, Wan took some time off to answer our questions about band curation. Read on the find out how he got into the role, and what it takes to find bands for a festival while being in a band.

Hello! Can you give us a brief description of who you are and what you do, especially your role in IP Kreatif?

I’m Wan, a guy who fell in love with the independent music scene. I’m the founder and guitarist of The Otherside Orchestra. Other than that, I’m just a regular guy who happens to be a guitar and pedal enthusiast. For this year’s IP Kreatif, I was given the opportunity to curate a 2 day gig at Blackbox Medini.

poster the otherside orchestraTell us a little bit about IP Kreatif?

IP Kreatif is a place where creative people can express and share their work and passion with others. From music, art performances, drawings, paintings, food, architecture, fashion and the list goes on. Bring extra cash when you come to the festival as there’s a lot of cool stuff that you can buy there.

As a music curator, how did you and the other curators decide what artists to invite to the festival?

I don’t actually have a specific criteria when choosing bands I want in the show. I choose bands from different genres of music. They all have their own strengths and are very talented in what they do. With bands like PITAHATI, IQBAL M., Ramayan, Johny Comes Lately, The Otherside Orchestra, MASDO and The Times, I’m sure everyone will have a really good time. So please come and show support and love to them. And given the opportunity to share the same stage with otais like Handyblack and Febians is actually kind of awesome.

What band are you looking most forward to perform there?

Of course la semua band. Hahaha. They are all really great performers and fun to be with on and off stage. Like I mentioned before, all of the bands have their own strengths and style of music. They are all very different in so many ways. From psychedelic rock to experimental sounds to electronic to rock ‘n’ roll to ska, we got them all covered. I hope everybody will come and watch the bands and see how good our local bands are.

Tell us a little about the latest album, Disco Chemist.

Disco Chemist is actually a continuation from our first album ELECTROMANCETACY. Only this time we put extra effort into the recording process so we could get the sound quality that we really wanted. The whole concept for this album is not much different from our first album. Thanks to Mokhtar from ISEEKMUSIC for keeping up with us.

toso banner

It wasn’t an easy process as we took more than a year to finish the whole album. But I guess I’m really happy with the outcome as we waited for ten years for this new release. We also released our first music video from our single “In and Out” last May. Do check them out; people can get our album at the IP Kreatif festival.

How much has The Otherside Orchestra changed since 2006?

Change? We have a new vocalist Syima, she has been with us for almost 2 years now but other than that not much really. Same old same old. I guess people change whether you like it or not, but The Otherside Orchestra will always be The Otherside Orchestra.

Any thoughts about the indie or underground music scene right now?

For me the scene is fine. It might be a little bit mellow right now but it’s catching up. Like other things in life there will be ups and downs. As long as all the bands and musicians keep working hard, believe in what they are doing and are honest with their music I think it’s just a matter of time that we can actually experience back the glory. After all we make music to express our passion and have a little bit of fun. So have fun! Support each other because together we are always stronger.

Don’t miss out on the chance to see The Otherside Orchestra and other crazy talented bands this weekend at IP Kreatif! Looking for deets? Head to IP Kreatif’s Facebook page. See you this weekend!

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