Sembang Soda Episode 4: Que Izham

Armed with a passion for gaming gears and gadgets, Que Izham rides the nostalgia of younger days filled with Gameboys and other classic 8-bit systems by carrying on our local legacy of chiptune.

For those less familiar with the genre, chiptune music is synthesized electronic music made for programmable sound generators (PSG) sound chips which are found in vintage computers or gaming consoles. You know that beep-beep sound that plays when you play older Nintendo games like Mario or Pokemon? They’re underrated works of art, using simple programming to make a symphony of sound.

To find out more about the chiptune history in Malaysia, check out this video by Grupku Production


8 Bit Music – Malaysian Chiptunes from Colourama Event on Vimeo.

It gets a lot of bad reputation for being repetitive, childish or simplistic, but artists like Que Izham is out to prove the world wrong. We managed to talk to Que about his love for chiptune and his musical inspirations, and since we’re all still in our Raya mood, Que brought us something special for our listening pleasures too.

If you wanna check out Que Izham’s work, head on to his Spotify and give his latest EP, Empty Cartridges, a listen!

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