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KASUT: An Unlikely Story of Sacrifice

Is Hari Raya even Hari Raya if you don’t bunch up together with your family and friends in front of a TV? Raya food-comas call for TV time and this year, KASUT might just be the movie to watch with your raya squad.

Directed by Afiq Zulkefli, KASUT is Homegrown Productions‘ first ever telemovie to be aired on HyppTV‘s channel, HyppInspirasi. KASUT features a star studded cast with special appearances by MASDO, Megat Shahrizal and Farah Rani.

The telemovie tells the story of teenager Zubaidah (Yuna Rahim), the only child of Osman (Azhan Rani) and Nona (Farah Rani) who live their lives as a normal family, facing inevitable familial endeavours– one being a financial crisis. As a result of being fired from his job, Osman toils to save his family by working odd jobs.

Meanwhile, Zubaidah comes across a gentleman named Dalit (Amerul Affendi). They become close friends and she finds that Dalit often reminds her of her father. The twist of the film? What relationship do Zubaidah and Dalit end up having? Watch KASUT on HyppInspirasi channel 111 this Raya to find out.

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