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DPAC Arts Festival: A Convergence of the Arts

Convergence is when an array of things come together to form a new whole. Convergence is also the theme for this year’s Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) Arts Festival— where the depth of international and local art forms come face-to-face. Previous editions of the annual festival has brought forth a plethora of different works and this year will be no different. The DPAC Arts Festival 2017 boasts an impressive lineup to be enjoyed in the span of 10 days. From 10 July-19 July, prepare to wowed by amazing talents.

Opening the festival is Taiwanese indigenous singer, Sangpuy Katatepan Mavaliyw, who will blow you away with his melodic hymns, that bring your heart to a familiar wilderness you never knew existed inside you. Sangpuy will present self-composed pieces from his second album, Yaangad, which literally means life. Described by many as an old soul stuck in a young man’s body, Sangpuy delivers soulful performances that tug at your heart strings. His song ‘Sadeku Na Senan’ from his sophomore album beautifully entails the moon, stars and their warmth– something to look forward to at his concert at the DPAC Arts Festival 2017.


The next act to perform at DPAC Arts Festival might ring a bell for lovers of dance. Award winning German choreographer Paula Rosolen will be showcasing her latest work, Puppets, alongside a diverse dance troupe consisting of dancers from Japan, Serbia and Malaysia. In this piece, Rosolen shines a light on a relationship that is often dimmed by the shadow of puppets. She reverses the role and focuses on the movements of puppeteers instead. By observing the choreographic patterns in puppeteering, Puppets manages to develop a new perspective on dance. In an attempt to integrate different cultures into the piece, the Malaysian version of Puppets will feature a Ghuzeng (a chinese plucked string instrument) played by a local musician.

Kulunka Theatre Company hailing from Spain will present their widely acclaimed theatre production, André & Dorine which tastefully portrays the story of an elderly couple whose passion once so huge for each other has now faded into further indifference. All this dwindles even deeper into troubled waters when Alzheimer’s threatens to be a permanent part of their relationship. There have been nothing but good reviews of Kulunka Theatre Company’s André & Dorine which has always been performed by 3 actors who embody more than 15 characters throughout the production. André & Dorine has toured extensively in 22 countries and has won multiple awards, making it a must-see at this year’s DPAC Arts Festival.

andre and dorine


Another headiner for DPAC Arts Festival 2017 is the one and only Zamzuriah Zahari is known by many as an upholder of traditional Malay arts through her extensive work in reviving its legacy. In this year’s edition of DPAC Arts Festival, Zamzuriah Zahari will dazzle all with her performance of Section by Stesen, directed by Ida Nerina, which features her recent traditional and modern compositions arranged by Mat Din Hussin and Hibri bin Asad respectively. Section by Stesen is a story of the fragments in life’s journey between the traditional and the modern world. Zamzuriah performs Mak Yong Kelantan, Mek Mulung Kedah and Mak Yong of the Riau Islands.

DPAC Arts Festival 2017 also features Dancing in Place— a celebration of dancing on site featuring Malaysia’s very own dance troupes such as Atari Dance Projects. An extension of the festival provides a chance for arts, innovation, inspiration and ideas to collide. pARTiii Bazaar curates some of the best creative artists, craft makers, workshops and handicraft. DPAC Arts Festival will happen from 10 July- 19 July 2017.

To purchase tickets or find out more about DPAC Arts Festival 2017, visit their website.

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