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Sembang Soda EP 3: Daiyan Trisha

Daiyan Trisha has come a long way since her TV debut in her own show Dee on Astro Ceria. Dee was a story about a talented girl trying to prove herself to the world, and this is true not just for the character, but for the person playing her too. Her musical talent has always been quietly present since she also sang the theme song, Kerana Kau. Today, on Sembang Soda, we got  to know this singer-songwriter even better: from her love for John Mayer to how she manages herself in the mainstream music industry.

Here’s the old promo video for her TV show, Dee!

And this is her latest Disney-like love serenade, Boy In My Dream!

Finally, here’s episode 3 of Sembang Soda with Daiyan Trisha:

“If people change then why don’t their music change as well?” – Daiyan Trisha

If you’re a Daiyan Trisha fan, be sure to stay tuned for her upcoming single “Kita Manusia” coming up after Raya!

Write-up #buskerthemovie ????????????????

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Not to forget, she will also be starring in an upcoming film called Busker! Keep your eyes peeled for these updates!

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