Tracks of the Week (28/4/2017) (Dayang Nurfaizah, Sheila Majid, Shuuna, Danye, Patriots, Kareema Ramli)

This week we have two legendary pop ballad divas, including one who has been missing for too long from the scene and she comes back in style! We also have an indie Nusantara talent of the shoegazing, acoustic and dreamy era of the Malaysian indie scene, a lovable pop punk song and a no-holds-barred hip hop banger. Presenting our Tracks of the Week!

Dayang Nurfaizah – Dayang Nurfaizah

Dayang Nurfaizah‘s album is a pop-ballad buffet with a lot to offer, although in comparison to her previous works this self-titled album has slight inconsistencies. Some tracks are stellar, such as Di Pintu Syurga and Lelaki Teragung. The latter is a well-written homage to men around the world such as fathers, and Dayang sings it with such passion. Dayang Nurfaizah still brings the same old vocal prowess she’s known for, but no other song from this album truly stands. It’s a good listen if you’re a Dayang Nurfaizah fan, but there’s really nothing game-changing about this album that would give that much relevance in the contemporary music industry.

Dayang Album


3.5 CF

Boneka – Sheila Majid 

After 13 years of silence, Sheila Majid is back with more tunes for our listening pleasure. Boneka is a solid album, where every track has its own shine and appeal. Melukis Dunia is a great first track that gets you smiling, whilst Sheila Majid brings you down to earth with the magnificent song Ku Hati. All of her tracks have that same late 90’s – early 00’s quality in Malaysia’s pop charts. Notwithstanding the classic sound, Sheila Majid still brings a fresh spirit her sound, especially with the sassy lyrics in Boneka and the strings welcoming Lara Di Dada is a section we can all drown in. Even her English track My All is adorable and endearing. Sheila Majid’s time in the industry might have been decades-old, but her talent and attention to production quality in the album has not aged one bit.

Sheila Majid album

4 CF

Torsades de Pointes – Shuuna

This album has so much to offer, in so many ways. To get a rough idea of what’s to come when you listen to the album, it might help to know that Torsades de Pointes is a specific type of abnormal heart rhythms that might cause sudden cardiac arrest, or simply put, a heart attack. Whether or not this was intended by Shunna is besides the matter, but this abnormal cardiac rhythm concept seems to encompass all of the songs on her album. Whether it’s an your heartbreat from falling in love and dreaming of someone far, far away such as how it’s represented in her track Terang Bintang, Tenang Bulan; or reckless quiet optimism in It’s Gonna Be Much Better. This album also leaks out so many influences. There’s the slow EDM aura of songs like Permulaan on one hand and the acoustic wonder of Aku. It’s as if Yuna started out discovering the beauty of lo-fi distortions, but then again, Shuuna is so much more than that. Even in Pengakhiran where the lyrics are simple and repeated, those guitar licks remain imprinted in our minds. Same goes with the opening of Good Night with that guitar riff that reminds us of some spy-action flick.

Shuuna - Torsades de Pointes

3.5 CF

 Aku Nak Lagi (ft. Zet Legacy & Karmal)  – Danye

Danye is an upcoming rapper with talent and flow that everyone should look out for. However, his new track with Zet Legacy & Karmal is decent at best. Still chock-filled with swag and fire, it doesn’t hold the same kind of hyped up beat that Danye had in his previous track In Power. What’s really cool is that Danye does not sound overshadowed by Zet Legacy & Karmal at all. They are all competent rappers dropping bars about making it big. Still a catchy beat to jam to when you wanna hype yourself up with some extra dose of confidence.


3 CF

Seindah Kata (ft. Kareema Ramli (Maddthelin) – Patriots

Patriots pull back on their fast-hitting hardcore punk sounds in this collaboration with Kareema Ramli from Maddthelin. Seindah Kata is a pop punk song with lyrics about untimely love – the kind of romantic song that would probably resonate with many whom are going through the same thing. Musically, it is your typical catchy pop-rock song, reminiscent of the early 2000’s. Kareema adds more layers to this song with her beautiful vocals too. The lyricism of this song is pretty decent as well, especially the parts where Ayeen’s singing overlaps with Kareema’s – magically coming together in harmony. Overall though, the track is a decent song to drown your sorrows in, or to contemplate your past relationships (or current ones even).

3 CF

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This article is rated by Iezahdiyana & Zim Ahmadi.

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