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Untie De Knot & Poets Vs Wild: An art experience that is also educational and practical

 Want to rid of all feelings of burdensome anxiety and get some positive energy? Come on over to Blackbox MAP, Publika this Friday at 4pm where a variety of fun-filled learning experiences awaits you at Untie De Knot!

Many artists and other practitioners of the art world are entrepreneurs and risk-takers. Untie De Knot seeks to develop the youth to be hone these skills needed to succeed in the industry – or even if it’s not about making it big – to really express your creative side. Unlike other art festivals, Untie De Knot seeks to bridge the gap between the corporate side of the industry with the actual artist themselves.


Untie De Knot is an initiative by Malaysia Trailblazers Association (MyPerintis) in collaboration with Projek Rabak. The 3-hour soft launch will begin with a Wushu performance by Legend of Dongwu followed by opening remarks by the Special Projects Lead of MyPerintis, Ashikin Muhiyiddin & by honored guest, Ashran Gazi who is the CEO of MaGIC; in line with bridging the gap between the multicultural nature of the arts with the world of entrepreneurship.

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The event would also consist of several workshops covering different parts of the spectrum. ABeatC, a well-decorated beatbox performer with management experiences, would not only be presenting his beatboxing skills but also carry on a creative business workshop aimed at enlightening the perquisites for creating a business based upon the arts. Tuan Tapai Faisal, co-founder of Playground Productions, would also expound upon tips about getting your ideas out there and finding effective ways in sustaining your idea as a business.

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Other workshops also include the Spoken Poetry workshop which would be organized by spoken word veteran, Jamal Raslan. His workshop involves turning spoken word poetry into truer, more impactful expression that would affect society. Ashikin Muhiyiddin also has a workshop that aims to educate listeners on storytelling, and the unsung power it has in bridging multicultural entrepreneurs to creative ideas via the medium of stories.

A more extensive forum called Creative Citizens, would be held in sharing experiences from creative figures and models of the entrepreneurial world. The panel includes Ashran Gazi, CEO of MaGIC, Johan Ishak, CEO of MyCreative and Mustaqim Mohamed, Managing Director of Sisiseni. The panel is unique in the sense that it brings people from the corporate world and the art world together in one conversation, which is a circumstance that only meaningfully occurs in  boardrooms, as opposed to a festival for the arts.
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With that being said, Untie De Knot will not be without its performances too, as a testament to a lively creative sphere in our community. An interactive theatre will be held by Projek BB. They are sure to bring joy and insight to the event as they are known for productions like Sekuntum Mawar, and their Sudirman musical, called Sudirmania.  The people of Projek BB are participants in a workshop under the oversight of MyHarapan, in collaboration with Revolution Stage and Rumah Anak Teater. The interactive nature of this theatre is surely something to look out for.

Beyond that there’s also the performance by Kashvini and the Tabla Riots. It is a poetry performance that also doubles as a visual phenomenon, fusing words and movement as a subtle resistance against a society that seeks to impede integration.

Running alongside Untie De Knot is Poet vs Wild. Established under Sisi Seni Production in February 2016, Poet vs Wild is an event, where music and poetry collide which aims to celebrate the community and all of its colours. After the Untie De Knot event on the 7th April, later on that night there will be short story readings by  Hasnul Rahmat, Budi Citawan, Cech Adrea & Mustaqim Mohamed, Aan Mansyur & Ashikin M, Nora Nabila, Petak Daud, & Gazali Ramli. The next day on Saturday 8th April, more performers will decorate the itinerary. The Micjackers will tak the stage and present their own conceptual spoken poetry. Other amazing acts would fill the list too, such as The Venopian SolitudeIqbal M and Lara Hassan & the V.


So you have no excuse to be unproductive this weekend. Head on over to MAP Blackbox Publika on Friday and Saturday to get some knowledge while being thoroughly entertained and inspired. All for the cost of nothing but your time!



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