Even Through the Rain: Neolive Presents Noh Salleh x Payung Teduh

Last Saturday, Neolive organized a concert at iM4u Sentral, Puchong. Even though it was held on the 1st of April, it surely was no joke.

The set starts off with the ska reggae antics of Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang. It was a party to be remembered as Johnbear rocks it out in his kain pelekat to the playful instrumentals; mostly, jarringly, carried by the horns with fun-filled enthusiasm. The performance was wrapped by a danceable rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. Surely a great band to start with setting the mood for a much more mellow night.

Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang 2

Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang
Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang

Up next is the jazzy love-pop wonder ensemble of TiluMira still brought her A-game even though she was pregnant in her performance. The only thing made visible though was how much the Tilu band has not changed since their establishment in 2008. Still playing great tunes that would make Tilu fans (or simply avid listeners of Malay music back in 2008) spiral into nostalgia.


When Amir Jahari walked onto the stage and performed, the whole crowd was awed into silence. Amir Jahari has always had a knack for wonderful acoustic performances but this time the sound was much bigger and fuller. Playing new songs like Syurga Neraka, an ode to the dualist nature of the world – wherever there is good, there is also evil – and also his popular song Ingga. At this point the crowd chanted with him, filling the concert hall with an introspective but exciting spirit.

Amir Jahari
Amir Jahari

After that, the awaited featured act Noh Salleh puts the atmosphere to a standstill. Donning Elvis Presley-esque suits, coupled with a hairdo to match. Beyond performing staple classics from his eponymous classics like Angin Kencang, Bunga di Telinga and Gelung, Noh also had several new tracks up his sleeves. We won’t disclose what the tracks are at this stage, although it’s safe to say that Noh does not stick to his old sound, and experiments with a lot of new vibes too, although all of them still reminiscent of the old-school, noir sensibilities he has in his Angin Kencang EP. Some of those songs even vaguely treads the line of similarity with tracks sang by the likes of Sudirman or Broery Marantika, but grittier. In addition to that, Noh keeps his usual down-to-earth charisma to keep people involved in the performance too. Even the breakdown, when each of the band members were introduced and was given the chance to play solo was not dragged out and were actually very intriguing to witness. Truly another masterpiece of music and charisma.
Noh Salleh 2

Noh Salleh & AG

Wrapping up the already serene and magical night was Payung Teduh. Although it was only 3 months since their last performance in Malaysia, with Noh Salleh as an opening act, there was nothing about this performance that was stale. Is’s performance still gravitated to heavenly levels, even during moments when he sang the wrong verse – the clumsiness did not feel apparent and everything weaved on smoothly anyway. Many highlights could be posited, namely Noh Salleh coming up on the stage again to sing Payung Teduh’s song Rahasia with them. There was also an amazingly touching moment when the band invited Atilia Haron on stage to perform a duet of their touching love song Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan. Overall, Payung Teduh kept it fresh and ended the night on a hopeful and endearing note for everyone who was lucky enough to attend.

Payung Teduh & Atilia Haron


Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh
Payung Teduh & Noh Salleh


The lead singer of Payung Teduh also managed to express thanks to everyone who digitally or physically bought their latest album Payung Teduh Live In Yamaha as the proceeds were for funding a charity. (The album itself can be bought digitally here or if you’re a Spotify user you can stream it below)

Neolive surely threw an amazing concert to boot, and every single band gave their top performance that night. Amidst a weekend filled with other events and concerts too, Noh Salleh and Payung Teduh did not disappoint even in the slightest. The fact that it was raining heavily throughout the entire concert did not dampen the spirits of many who came – which is only a testimony to how much it was worth it.

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