Down Memory Lane: Flashbacks to Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh

As we all know, on the 1st of April, Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh would be performing at iM4u Sentral, and if you’re fans of the band or simply looking for a good time next Saturday, you should get your tickets quick!  In honour of this upcoming event, let’s take a look back at the last time Noh Salleh & Payung Teduh performed; four highlights to reminisce on..

1) Noh Salleh opening the set

Noh Salleh

Armed with only his acoustic guitar and performing in solitary spotlight, Noh brought his A-game as a crooner of poetic Malay serenades, such as Bunga di Telinga – proving that when songs are well-written and composed, no grandeur is needed to give it magic. Of course, there is no shortage of Noh’s casual, laidback, stage charisma too. Basically a brilliant mini-set you wish would last longer, and a great appetizer for the vibes of Payung Teduh.

2) The orchestral ambience to the keroncong and jazz-folk sounds of Payung Teduh

(source: Frinjan)
(source: Frinjan)

As a way of promoting their orchestral album, most of the songs that were performed had additional string sections embellishing the tracks. Although no real violinists or cellists were on stage – the string sections themselves played from synthesizers – the soothing presence of these scores made every song different. Menuju Senja to the sound of cello was an experience to be felt in person. As though the original songs don’t already bring you to a time of awkward but endearing first dates and beautiful rainy days, the orchestral ambience Payung Teduh added to their set made it easier to imagine being lost in your own memories.

3) Is’s charm and sense of humour


Is is known for having large, luscious afros, so it probably came as a minor surprise to some when he came in almost-bald. Jokes like “Rambut saya tinggalkan di Indonesia” to quips about the Malay language, were testimonies to the friendly nature of the band. It wasn’t just about the music that night, but about getting to know what Payung Teduh was about, their experiences here in Malaysia. Although Bentley Music Hall was not a small venue, Is’s charm kept it intimate and warm.

4) The unexpected duet


For those who went, all of us knew that Noh Salleh was going to open for them. But very few probably expected for them to actually be on stage at the same time. Truthfully, it was a very surreal moment as Noh & Is’s voice fall into beautiful harmony worthy of some musical heaven choir. Nothing was more breathtaking than seeing Noh singing the words to Payung Teduh’s discography that moment. There were even moments where it was only Noh singing, whilst Is took a step back to give him to shine. It was as if Indonesia and Malaysia coalesced into one creative continent, a moment that no record, CD or concert video is ever going to be able to duplicate.

All we can do now is wait for 1st April to come so that these moments can be somehow replicated, or who knows, maybe even made better? Who knows what these virtuosos and talents have in store for us next Saturday?

Neo Live Noh Salleh Payung Teduh

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